4 Ways Working Moms Can Find a Flexible Job that Pays Well
For many women, career and family go hand in hand. Balancing a mother’s responsibilities while financially contributing to the household or solely making ends meet can be a very hectic task. For moms returning to the workforce after giving birth, work flexibility is a critical matter. According to the US Department of Labor, a staggering 40% of women (specifically, mothers in the U.S.) contribute to the household as primary or sole earners as reported in the first quarter of 2017! So, for those mothers ready to get back on track, here are several ways to find a flexible job perfect for working moms.

4 Ways Working Moms Can Find a Flexible Job that Pays Well

1. Create an Online Work Portfolio

Many of the conventional ways of job searching, hiring, and other similar activities have been replaced with newer and more advanced ways like online job hunting and conducting online job interviews and examinations. To increase your chances of standing out from the pool of other professionals, create your own work portfolio. This is an avenue for you to express yourself virtually, and artistically – should you want to – and which you can definitely create during your free time at home. Remember to include here the terms of your work – availability, skills/ offered services, and other important work-related factors. Also, tailor your portfolio wherein employers can work out a schedule and workload that is equally beneficial. Most importantly, make sure to give employers a chance to contact you.
You can be as creative and minimalistic as you want, but make sure to maintain a certain level of professionalism in your portfolio. Keep your statements to the point, and avoid filler lines. A well-created portfolio will justify why employers should employ you, and at what terms and rates, without the essays or unfairly compromising your services. More so, you can also ask for your former employers for character references, or statements on you as an employee and use this in your portfolio.

2. Try Online Job Hunting

What spells out flexibility better than the internet? The internet has provided topnotch work in terms of flexibility that people are now able to search products; inquire on services, merchandises, and other matters; and, even do substantial research within in the confines of their homes.
Online job hunting has been in the market for several years, and with the fast pace of technological development, many have successfully created advanced job listing sites. A typical career portal nowadays filters for basic information as work location, salary range, types of industries, and employment category (full-time, part-time, or freelance). For working moms, you can now go through pages of job listings at home and send in your application while doing your daily tasks.
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3. Make Use of Intermediary Job Services

Tangent to online job hunting, you can now avail services of third-party job hunters. Certified agencies have a network pool of employers, and are trained in intermediary services. They can help you find the perfect job while you take the time at home building your portfolio. In addition, you can elaborate the terms of your planned flexible working to them, and from there, they can begin filtering prospective positions for you.
Although combined with your online job search efforts, these agencies increase your chances of landing the perfect job, make sure to find one known for their reliability and efficiency. Most people rely on reviews, which are a good source of insights on products and services, but you can do more by contacting your local registry regarding legally operating headhunting firms.

4. Know Your Worth

Although the workforce is a competitive place, do yourself right, and make your offered services and/or products as a working mom fair to you, and reasonable to your potential pool of employers. As mentioned before, you can justify this in your portfolio simply by tailoring it in a way that exemplifies your skills, training, educational and work background; a rationalization of “why me and why for these terms of work.”
Since some employers are from different time zones, you may just land a reasonable evening to late evening job; perfect while your child or children are in deep slumber, and you ready to practice and hone your skills online.

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