5 Essentials For Minimalist Work Fashion
The idea of minimalist living has intrigued the hearts and minds of many people who are tired of the anxiety created by conventional consumerist lifestyle. In recent years, surges of people transformed their lives from a cluttered one to one where you only give attention and space to the most useful items.
The philosophy behind minimalism is very simple. Simplify everything! It’s a lifestyle choice as well as an aesthetic taste. People reduce their belongings in exchange for personal gains like more spare time for oneself, a less occupied mind, cleared living space, spiritual understanding associated with desires, and reduced stress levels.  You keep what you value the most and remove everything that distracts you from it.

5 Essentials For Minimalist Work Fashion

What Are The Benefits?

Along with personal reasons related to time and mental clarity, many people also choose to live minimally for ethical reasons which are not in tune with the consumption based structure that we were born into. Not only is our current system unsustainable, but it’s also unethical in the light of environmental degradation caused by manufacturing and wastage, lack of a just economic system, and bad working conditions for factory workers.
The change towards a more minimal lifestyle and aesthetic, where you stop thinking about buying more, leaves you not only with more mental clarity and time, but also more money to invest in experiences, or things that create experiences for yourself; like learning a new skill or traveling the world. Instead of buying clothes, shoes and makeup every season; experiences not only leaves you with a lasting feeling of self-esteem, joy, connection and purpose to life but also aids knowledge about the world, and fosters personality and growth.

Minimalist Fashion

Minimalism is a movement in art and design, which strips anything away down to the bare essentials. Minimalist fashion is all about the idea of less being more. It is not only a top trend of the day, but it’s something that is here to stay.
Minimalist style goes incredibly well with office fashion. It focuses on clean cut, staple silhouettes that are striking yet non-distracting. Not only does this style makes you stand out as a modern, sensible, sharp person, but it also shows that you do not follow the herd in their race to procure the newest flashy trend. To adopt a minimal lifestyle and fashion you do not need to spend thousands. It focuses on basic design and neutral and pale palettes. If that’s not already a part of your wardrobe, it’s available at numerous stores at affordable rates.
To start your new minimal approach to fashion you need to:

1. Adopt a More Neutral Palette 

Instead, play around with fabrics. You can mix your silk blouse with your boyfriend’s leather jacket and some casual jogger pants. Pastel, in contrast, is a minimalist style winner always.

2. Avoid Flashy Colors and Bold Prints

As a way to express your quirkiness, experiment with accessories like caps, scarfs, vests and socks. Add your own touch of unique taste.

3. Play With Cuts

Experiment with different cuts and silhouettes so that you are never boring and always stylish. Shapes which are unique create a mysterious curiosity that loud colors and shiny things can never compete with.  An old oversized structured jacket with flowy pants is one good idea.

4. Simple Accessories and Shoes

Carry a simple staple handbag with comfy sandals to make a casual and minimalist-style statement.

5. Use Understated Clean Cut Jewelry

Metallic accessories add a classy touch of style to a block design style in neutral colors for a modern touch. It’s important is to find items that are subtle and streamlined, and yet visually striking enough to make a statement when worn in combinations and stacks.
If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll soon fall into the habit of putting together a sleek and simple outfit because most of your items will go with each other. It will save a lot of time, effort, and money for years to come while keeping you tuned to the principals of clean and minimal living.

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