10 Creative Ways to Make More Money
You know the feeling. You look at your budget and have that terrible feeling that funds are getting low and you absolutely have to make more money in your business this month to survive. What you are doing now just isn’t working.
It might just be time to step away from your computer and start some other creative strategies to get the cash flowing again in your business.
Take a deep breath and dive into these creative ways to start getting your mindset ready again to receive the cash that is coming your way.

Here are 10 Creative Ways to Make More Money in Your Business:

1. Upgrade Your Life

I want you to start acting as if you are a wealthy person now. Treat yourself to little things that make you feel rich. Maybe it’s getting a manicure or treating yourself to a step up in your wine selection.
Maybe it’s going to a hairdresser who is a little more expensive but makes you look amazing when you walk out the door. You don’t need a ton of money for this. These are just simple things so you can do to start upgrading your lifestyle and feel like you are already rich. What are some simple ways you can upgrade your life?

2. Get Rid of Your Money Blocks

Some of your money blocks are years, even decades, old but they can be cleared. Your task this week is to write down all of the negative thoughts you have about money and let them go.

 3. Start Tracking Every Dollar

Your exercise is to every day write down all of the money that comes into your life. Big or small. Track it and feel good about it. Like attracts like, so the more you are thankful for what you have, the more you will receive.

 4. Don’t Resent Money

Don’t be jealous or resentful of other people who make more money. There is money everywhere, and there is enough for everyone. Someone once told me after I put down a $20 bill to buy some gum, “You are rich!” I said immediately, “Oh no I am not!” I thought about what I had just said, and I was rejecting money. He was telling me that I am rich and I am!

5. Ask For More

What do you want to earn? Now, let’s multiply that by three and give you a real dream! I often talk to new business owners, and they are afraid to tell me their income goal. When I finally pull it out of them, I tell them they could do three times better than that!
You are worth more than you think, and I want you to think about charging the value you bring to your clients. The more you charge, the higher type of clients you will have. Those are the people you want to work with anyways. No more bartering or discounting.

6. Be Generous. Give!

According to Dan Kennedy, a great marketing expert, the hole that you give through and you invest through is the same hole you receive through. Make sure that you are giving and investing. Practice being generous.
Give your time, give your money. Pick a non-profit you are passionate about and volunteer. Increase the amount you tithe to your church. The more you give to others and spend on others, the more will flow to you too. Remember, money circulates. Money is always moving. Money is a tool.

7. Affirmations

Write these down. Repeat these daily. Add them to your vision board.
  • Money comes to me in unforeseen ways.
  • Every day my income increases whether I am working, playing, or sleeping.
  • People love to pay me money for what I most enjoy doing.
  • I am making positive choices about what I do with my money.
  • My bills are paid, my dreams are coming true!

8. Gratitude Your Way To Wealth

Give up the guilt. Be thankful for learning experiences. I once was $80,000 in debt and I have a foreclosure on my record. But am I ever thankful for those learning experiences! I worked my butt off to get out of debt and be able to build up my savings for my future freedom! What guilt do you have about your money? Give it up and be thankful for it instead!
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9. De-clutter Your Life & Clear Your Tolerations

What are you tolerating? It’s time to make a long list and start taking care of that dry cleaning lying around or your messy office. De-cluttering your office and home gives you a huge energy boost. It brings new money and opportunities into your life. Look around you. Is it messy or organized? Is there room to bring more into your life?   Free up your energy to be able to make more money. You have to be more aware and clear to see the opportunities that will lead you to more clients, money, and projects. Make sure you clear your money files too!

10. Surround Yourself With Positive & Wealth Minded People

This is a no-brainer. Being around people who love life and are doing great things with their money is SO motivating! But hearing about other people’s college loans and credit card bills can be depressing. Stick with the people who make you dream for more.

I would love to hear in the comments what creative ways do you use to make more money in your business? Please share!

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