The First 5 Steps to Launch Your Dream Career
The Dream Career Launchpad is truly about helping you determine your direction, create a plan of action, conquer your fears, make time for your priorities and make a mental commitment to achieve the success you know you want to have.
I break down each step that you need to take before you launch your dream career to ensure your success. Let’s get started!

The First 5 Steps to Launch Your Dream Career

Step 1: Time: Don’t Waste It

This step is important because you are probably feeling like there is more to do than time allows, you are battling procrastination and having a hard time finding balance. You aren’t sure how to carve out “me” time for your goals and are feeling drained and missing out on your family. Most importantly, you don’t want to waste time so that is why we start with time first to help you make time to launch your dream career.
Your Action: Create a schedule. List your 3 priorities for the week and find a to-do list that works.

Step 2: Mindset – Conquer Your Fears

The second step is to conquer your fears. You might be afraid to fail and so you are backing off. Thinking about all the “what ifs” and losing confidence in yourself. Battling self-doubt and wondering if you are really good enough to make your dreams a reality. You think you are never going to get hired and you are afraid to dream too big. You are also having a fear of living up to other people’s expectations.
Your Action: List all of the things that could go wrong if you go after your fears. Then, list all of the things that could go right if you go after your fears. Then, ask yourself if it is worth it to go all in?

Step 3: Commit – Make a Mental Commitment

This is the most important step for you if you are afraid to take the first step. You are indecisive and scared to make the wrong choice. You are wondering if it’s time to make a career move and struggling with uncertainty so you just stay in limbo and do nothing.
Your Action: Create a contract with yourself that you will go after your dream career. Sign it and date it and put it where you can always see it. Tell a friend about your commitment and make the first step TODAY towards your dream career.

Step 4: Direction – Determine Where You Want to Go

The fourth step is to know the direction you want to go in. This step is so important if you don’t know what’s next and are feeling really lost. If you are in limbo and it’s hard to figure out your passion and what you love to do. You can’t find your “thing” and haven’t figured out what you want to be when you grow up. This step is vital to launching your dream career.
Your Action: Create your ideal job description. Make a list of all of the tasks and jobs you have done that you have LOVED. Write your own job description using only the tasks you have loved.

Step 5: Plan – Fine Tune Your Ideas

The fifth step is to fine tune your career and business ideas and plan for your launch. This is for you if you just need to make that first step and need a jumpstart. You want to plan out your transition and starting making forward momentum but you just aren’t sure exactly how to start and go about it the best way. So this is where you narrow it all down and create your 90-day plan.
Your action: Download your FREE 90-day Planner and get access to an example 90-day planning template and a blank one that you can complete yourself.

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