How to Make the Most of Your Job Search While You Commute
After having a not so glamorous call with my career coach, I realized I was not maximizing my down time for my job search. Instead of getting up early like many people suggest, I decided to take advantage of my commute. I developed a short list of quick tasks to be performed while riding the train, plane or car. I even included some tasks you can do while driving in your car.

How to Make the Most of Your Job Search While You Commute

If you are taking the train, plane or bus, you can do the following:

1. Read

You can read the newspaper, magazines or books. For instance, I realized after a few interviews that I needed a refresher for financial accounting. I found a book on Amazon.com and decided to read 1 -2 chapters in the morning when I was the most alert and productive.

2. Review

You can review your resume, cover letter, job descriptions and interview prep questions. Getting in the habit of reviewing your resume, cover letter and interview prep questions will help you become more confident during interviews.

3. Browse

You can browse Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest feeds. At this time you can make new connections and share articles. Sharing articles helps your profile and attracts like-minded individuals. You can create or review your vision board on Pinterest as well.

4. Write

You can write in your journal. You can write down your thoughts, to-do list or even document your job search journey.

5. Search

You can search and apply for jobs. You can search the following websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Craigslist. For instance, the LinkedIn app lets you search, save and even apply to positions with your smart phone. You can also email yourself the job post as a reminder to apply later.

If you are driving to work, you can do the following:

1. Listen

You can listen to a podcast or self-help audiobooks. For instance, I love to listen to Myleik Teele’s (founder of CurlBox) podcasts. The topics range from work advice, healthy hacks, relationships, and travel. Turn on some music! You can listen to upbeat music or inspiration selections. It really helps to have a positive mindset to get your day started!

2. Speak

Speak your thoughts and dreams into the universe. This is a good to time to recite your daily affirmations. My favorite is “I am a great employee! Any employer is lucky to have me!”
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3. Practice

Practice your elevator speech while you commute. Your 30-second elevator speech is like a brief “commercial” about yourself. It describes who you are, what you’re looking for, and how you can benefit a company.

4. Call

Use your commute time to call and leave messages for recruiters and potential employers. This will allow for privacy and the person is sure to receive your message 1st thing in the morning.
These are just a few suggestions to help move your efforts forward without taking a lot of time. You can perform these tasks daily or spread them out over the week. This will help you feel motivated, productive and happier about the job search, career development, or any aspect of your life.

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