Job Interview Dos and Don’ts – After the Interview
You’ve been anticipating the job interview for days or weeks and you just know this job is for you! You have shaken hands and parted ways. Maybe you aced it; perhaps you flopped. Always remember that your work is not done once you finish the job interview. If you know that job is meant for you, don’t just sit back and wait for them to call you. It’s time to take matters into your own hands!

Here are the Dos and Don’ts of Following Up After the Job Interview:


-DO ask the end of the interview when the employer/interviewer expects to make the hiring decision. This is key to following up. Then you know when you can follow-up without being annoying.
-DO be proactive and consider following up a strategic part of your job search process. Create a follow-up excel tracking sheet and be very diligent about keeping track of where you have interviewed and what dates you should follow-up. Set reminders on your calendar so you don’t forget.
-DO get the right titles and names of all the people who interviewed you. You should have asked for business cards when you interviewed but if you didn’t, go on the company’s website and try to get contact info for the people who interviewed you. If all else fails, call HR or the receptionist to find this information instead.
-DO write individual thank you email or notes to each person who interviewed you – within 2 business days. You can also call to check in after a week. On the call, build your rapport and sell your strengths.
-DO inform your references that they might be getting a call from the employer. Give them a heads up and tell them how important the call will be because you really want this job.
-DO be patient. It’s not a race. They may be interviewing other people. Try to do something to keep your mind off the job offer like continuing to learn more about the career field and industry or networking with other people who inspire you.
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-DON’T make your follow up seem as though you are desperate.  No following up daily or saying you need a job to pay your bills.
-DON’T ever fail to send a thank you email or note. This is a MUST.
-DON’T worry so much between hand-written and typed thank you letters. Try as quickly as possible to get a thank you email in their inbox. Speed is key. You can also follow-up with a handwritten thank you letter but just remember that they might not get it right away.
-DON’T stop job hunting. Just because you had a great interview, doesn’t mean you are done. Don’t stop hunting until you have an offer in your hand!
-DON’T overdo and annoy or bother the employer/interviewer. A simple check-in about 1-2 weeks later is totally fine but no calling or emailing daily. That will put you on the “do not hire” list.
-DON’T put too much importance on one job interview, consider other opportunities. Do you know how many opportunities are out there? So many! Just because one might not call you back, doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of companies and positions just like that one in this world. Be open to new opportunities and if you don’t get a call back, know there is a reason and there is something else even better waiting for you.
-DON’T burn any bridges if you do not get a job offer. The people you interview with can still be added to your network and future people to connect you with the right opportunities. Impress them with how professionally you handle the yes….or no.

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