15 Morning Habits to Make Coming Home Even Better
Building a great career is serious business, and those who excel are usually focused, driven and organized in the workplace. However, the cliché of the dynamic go-getter whose home life is a Dorian Grey-like inversion of the elegance of their professional life is not without foundation. It is perfectly logical that if you work long hours, think mainly about work, and check in and out of your apartment as though it were a hotel; eventually, you will come to notice that this hotel has no concierge. Rather than returning each night to the comfortable home you built, the thought of home time becomes a gnawing angst; unlike your laptop, your kitchen does not come with a reboot button.
It needn’t be so. Even if you have accepted that a monthly spring clean is the most time you can afford to devote to being house-proud, there are a handful of small tasks that can easily fit into your daily routine in order to stay on top of things.

15 Morning Habits to Make Coming Back Home Even Better

Good habits such as tidying your toiletries as you use them, and leaving the window open for ten minutes before you leave in the morning, can breathe new life into your bathroom. In the kitchen, it’s not so much a matter of taking more time over things, as shifting that time around: get up ten minutes earlier to prep your evening meal, and you’ll thank yourself when you come home to eat ten hours later. The bedroom is where you can really become your own concierge, though. Making your bed takes only a few moments, yet greatly intensifies the comfort factor when you drag yourself upstairs at the end of the evening. Do it first thing in the morning, and lay out your pajamas on top for an added sense of self-pampering.
Follow these steps and you’ll revolutionize the way that coming home in the evening feels. And it’s so simple. Check out this new infographic for more great tips on improving your home life without compromising your work schedule.

15 Ways To Come Home Happy

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