5 Things You Need To Quit the Job You Hate
If you hate your job, the simple act of showing up every day can really suck. Some days, it’s tempting to simply stop going altogether, or hand in your resignation. However, financial need and a desire to maintain a professional reputation keep those impulses at bay.
So, does this mean those of us who hate our jobs are simply stuck? Absolutely not! It is more than possible to get out of a job that you hate, and into your dream job. If you’re ready to make the leap, keep reading.

5 Things You Need To Quit the Job You Hate And Go For Your Dream Job

1. Practice Self Care

The moment you decide that it’s time to move away from the job you hate, and into a fulfilling career, something amazing happens. You may feel renewed, energetic, and motivated. You’ve made an important move. That’s truly affirming.
You’ve also added an element of uncertainty to your life. As you work towards your goal,  you will have more things to take care of each day. Your stress levels could become a concern.
This is a time when practicing good self-care is important. Get enough sleep. Don’t ignore minor health issues. Ask friends and family for help if you need it. In fact, it’s not just the necessities that matter. Keep pursuing interests, spending time with family and friends, and cutting out negativity. 

2. Pursue a Talent, Not a Fantasy or Enjoyment

Think about your dream job for a few moments. Why have you chosen to pursue it? If your responses begin with “I want to” or “I like to,” take a breather. Keep your new goal in perspective. Remember that simply liking something or wishing you could pursue that career isn’t enough.
“Do what you love” is well intended, but ultimately bad career advice. You won’t find happiness or success doing something that you like unless you are also doing something at which you are talented. If you’ve ever witnessed American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance audition episodes featuring the folks that didn’t make it through, you’ve seen this in action. People pursue something when they have no natural talent for it. They simply want it.
This may sound like a bit of a killjoy, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are attracted to a specific career or industry, you should still explore it. For example, if you have a passion for art, but not much artistic talent, museum curator or art gallery manager could be careers to consider.
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3.  Polish up Your Resume

At some point in time, you’re going to need to pull up your resume or CV. When you do this, take your time to go over the document carefully. Don’t simply add your most recent job to the top and call it a day.
Instead, think like a hiring manager in your new field. Are you highlighting your skills and experience in ways that would be appealing to them? What about keywords? Pull up some job listings that are relevant to your dream job. Take note of the most commonly required skills or education. These are your keywords, the more of these that you can use on your resume the better.
One thing you may want to consider is having a professional help you with your resume. When you start your job search, you’ll be competing with many people who have invested in resume and cover letter writing services.

4. Define The Situation You Want

There are so many things that contribute to career satisfaction, beyond your job title. Before you make a move, do a bit of self-analysis. What’s driving your current unhappiness? Is it only your current field, or are there other factors involved.
For example, if working for a large corporation makes you feel invisible and unfulfilled, moving into a different career in the corporate world isn’t going to make you happy. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What kind of people do I want to work with?
  • How would my ideal workspace look?
  • What industries appeal to me?
  • How would I map out my ideal day on the job?

5. Go Back to School

Have you met the educational requirements to start your new career? Are there licenses or certificates you need to obtain? Will you need to earn an entirely new degree, or simply take some classes?
If changing careers means getting a new education, it’s best to start early. The sooner you are able to meet those requirements the better. If time and money are concerns, consider alternative options. For example, W3 Schools, Khan Academy, and Coursera provide free or low-cost online courses.
You might also consider a bit of on-the-job training. If possible, see if you can pick up some relevant side gigs, or work part time as an assistant or helper to someone in your field of choice.
Don’t let fear or inaction stop you from going for the job of your dreams. Too many people spend decades doing something they hate because they fear change or simply remain inert. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, make a plan, know exactly what you want, and get to work. It won’t happen overnight, but you can make the changes required to land your dream job.

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