5 Pieces of Advice From Women in Digital Marketing
These women have successfully navigated the tricky waters of career progression in the traditionally male-dominated industry of digital marketing.
We are brought up to believe that you must work hard to reach your goals. “Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, right?” Correct, but for some women, it can be downright impossible and that’s where the problem lies. For women in marketing, the road to success is a bumpy one, with only 24% of executive management positions held by women for creative marketing sectors.
Offering some clarity is the leading SEO agency in London, Bigfoot Digital, which employs a strong female workforce. These women make up over 90% of their company, with a leadership team split between genders.
We asked what advice they would give to other women in digital marketing. Here’s what they had to say.

5 Pieces of Professional Advice From Women in Digital Marketing Careers

1. Earn Your Seat at The Table

Jodie Ingle, Senior Account Manager, at Bigfoot Digital said: “Continue to grow your network. This can seem daunting at first and may fill you with fear as you approach new people, but you need to network to ensure you make an impression on the right people and earn your seat at the table. People will only take you seriously as a businesswoman if you actively challenge others and stand up for yourself.”

2. Believe in Your Ability to Succeed

Emily Cocker, Digital Marketing Executive, at Bigfoot Digital said: “My advice to women in digital marketing is to be yourself and never apologize for it. This industry changes all the time and you need to be confident in your abilities. Do your research, step up and speak out when necessary. There’s nothing wrong with taking the position of an authoritative businesswoman.”

3. Stamp Out Sexism

Camille Brouard, Content Executive at Bigfoot Digital said: “Sexism at work is something you should never tolerate. This is often accepted as a part of everyday life, but there’s a fine line between a fleeting joke and a harmful comment. Make sure you stamp this out early on with comments that correct ignorance. This will demonstrate that you have the confidence to defend your position at the company.”
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4. Knowledge is Power

Steph Briody, Account Manager at Bigfoot Digital said: “Put yourself forward for every opportunity that comes your way. Read up on industry news, hold meetings, meet prospects and, above all, be proactive. Working in a male-dominated industry is never easy, but with knowledge and determination to succeed you’ll become a valuable team member and your boss won’t want to see you go.”

5. Find Your Support Network

Lindsey Watson, Head of Social Media Marketing at Bigfoot Digital said: “If opportunities excite you but you buckle at putting yourself forward, find a network of work buddies and coach one another. Form a close group of people you can trust to train you up, help you write powerful emails and deliver important presentations. Find opportunities to promote one another.”
So, here you have five incredibly skilled women all working at the same digital marketing agency, with great potential and prospects for the future. I love hearing advice like this as it reminds me how far I can go to achieve my goals. My advice? Go for it, and never look back.

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