4 Easy Ways to Market Yourself as a Content Manager
Content management might not have been around on career day back when you were in high school, but as search algorithms get more sophisticated, companies are turning to content managers to create websites worthy of ranking at the top of page one on Google. A content manager is responsible for creating original and informative, high-quality content (think articles, infographics, case studies, or social media posts). Whether it’s a blog post or a video, the goal is to appeal to readers, potential customers, and, yes, search engines.
Sound interesting? It’s a great job. Content management is dynamic–you’ll research, analyze data, collaborate with your colleagues, help develop your company’s voice, and share your work across social platforms. It’s journalism, management, and data science, all wrapped up in one job. You’ll learn more about how to build a brand, tell a story, and you’ll brush up on your statistics, too. If that sounds like a great career fit for you, here’s how to market yourself as a content manager in your next job application.

4 Easy Ways to Market Yourself as a Content Manager

1. Show Off Your Writing

If you’re aiming for a job in content management, prepare to show your writing to a potential employer. One painless way to package your writing together is with an online profile that showcases your favorite pieces. I used clippings.me for mine. You can display up to 16 clippings on a classy-looking profile for free, no coding necessary. Your clippings should showcase breadth and depth. Show you can write across a variety of topics, as well as for different kinds of audiences.

2. Build Out Your Online Portfolio

If you don’t have enough clippings to create a portfolio, you can compensate in a few different ways. Instead of creating a blog, which can be time-consuming, why not write a few mock articles you could imagine appearing on the blog of the company you’d like to work for? Interviewers often ask a potential content manager what her ideas are for improving the company’s current content offering. Mock content demonstrates that you’re already thinking about what you can bring to the table beyond your skills with a pen.

3. Develop Your Superpower

Content management starts with great writing, but it doesn’t end there. Have you worked elsewhere in marketing? PR? Management? Have you run a blog or curated a gorgeous Instagram feed? Are you an ace at Photoshop or bring skills in UX to the table? Think about a niche area where you can contribute and devote some extra time to developing those skills. You’re not expected to do it all, but it’s common to pair content management together with specialty areas. You could specialize in things like email marketing, graphic design, PR, or customer service. Having a second area that you excel in will help give you a leg up.
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4. Think Like a Content Manager

A big part of content management is knowing how to form an argument. Bottom line: can you justify the content you create? Content managers use data to back up decisions like the topics they pick or the keywords they focus on. The choice to invest in a great social media presence or going for a piece of content that requires resources from other team members needs to have metrics. If you’ve never done keyword, backlink, or competitor research before, you’ll want to check out sources like Moz, Search Engine Land, or Hubspot, and explore tools like Google Analytics. You should definitely check out the archives of the Moz blog and think about taking a beginner’s class with Google.

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