The Top 5 Things to Check Before Applying on a Company Website
These days, even browsing through online job opportunities can be a stressful experience. This is because we live in an era of information. The process of applying for a job is a mosaic of actions and knowledge.
Thankfully, the era of information also implies that you, as a future employee, have access to a lot of information about the company you are applying to as well. Online job applications can be a tricky thing. Here are some things you really need to know before deciding to send in your application on a company website for a position that might not even be your dream job.

The Top 5 Things to Check Before Applying on a Company Website

1. Spend Some Time Researching The Company Website

It’s Captain Obvious speaking over here, but the first thing you need to know is exactly what you’re signing up for. The main benefit of visiting a company website is that you can discover what the company’s services, products, mission, and goals are through a simple click. Even if it seems like, on the surface, it’s pretty obvious what the company is all about, there’s always the possibility of there being some in-depth explanations that might turn out to be different from what you expected.
Furthermore, any well-established company will have a Career page. Even though you found the job posting outside of the company website on an external recruiting platform, with all their conditions outlined in great detail, you should still spend some time researching the company’s job application process. Some companies even offer candidates the possibility to apply directly on the company website. Doing your research will show that you are actually committed to working with them.

2. Place The Company Side-by-Side with Competition

By nature, we strongly aspire for the best. In this case, it would be in our best interest to make sure that the company you are applying to can offer you the most benefits as opposed to other competitors performing in the same field or a similar one.
You should do some extensive research to uncover other company names. Do your research and check out competitors’ websites and establish which one is the best choice for you. Look for the obvious things, such as salary, schedule, or location, all of which greatly factor into the comfort and productivity of an employee. If you’re certain that there aren’t better alternatives, then you can go all-in with your resume and walk into the interview with conviction and confidence.

3. Research the Culture & Office Environment

Putting salary and location aside, there is something else that is vital to any future employees, though it can often be a bit tricky to find information on it. What’s the mentality of the company? Is the company full of conventional, sober, rule-following corporate employees? Or are the employees and managers open-minded and creative? Do they tend to make the workplace feel like a gathering of friends?
This is information that can be discovered through different sources online. You can research on forums or websites where employees gather to talk about and rate their workplace like glassdoor.com. You can also directly ask an employee if you know one. However, it’s more recommended to do it the first way, as you can also uncover information on the management and conditions.

4. Find Out the Direction The Company is Headed

What is your future in this company? You can find out what the company’s goals are by finding the page on their website that refers to its mission. Next, you should research all factors that weigh in on the success or failure of a business. Is the company talked about in the news or social media? If yes, see what kind of information can you dig up. Is the company prospering? Is the company going through a period of decline? It’s important to know how stable the company is and, by association, how stable your position is. Reputation doesn’t only affect the company, but it will follow you, as an employee, too.

5. Measure the Size of the Company

Last but not least, how big is the company? A company website conveys statistics and employee numbers. If it’s a small firm, there are higher chances of finding out who is in charge and who some of the employees are. If it’s a big firm, access to the primary CEO is difficult to impossible. Is it international? Are there several offices all around the world?
Now that you’ve made sure that you have all the right answers, you can confidently continue with your application. It’s important to know that your future employer has serious intentions and can provide you with a stable position. Whether you’re a fan of sober or fun environments, of big or small companies, you simply need to be certain that you’ll find these factors in your desired workplace.
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