14 Ways To Better Your Career With Self-Discipline
Your working life is a long one, but it’s easy to let it slide past if you find yourself in a comfortable job and lack the willpower to push for more. So many of us set our ambitions aside as long as we can pay the bills and the workday is bearable. Those that go further are the ones that don’t just dream big, that don’t just work hard, but who keep in mind a strategy and follow it consistently.
Be it searching for jobs, sending your CV out, attending networking events or just going that extra mile in your present position to earn a promotion, keeping your energy up is a tough task. However, there are ways to give yourself a better chance at sustained improvement.
On a simple chemical level, higher levels of glucose have been linked to better self-control; treating yourself to a honey-topped treat may help you push on when the will is weak. Similarly, sleep deprivation can interfere with the part of your brain that deals with your resolve: so work hard, but make sure you leave enough time for a good night’s sleep if you want to keep it up!
There are plenty of other ways you can make yourself feel better about the necessary evils that come with chasing your ambitions. You can try pairing unpleasant tasks with pleasant ones, for example. Twice a week, take yourself to a café you love and do your regular job-hunt in the comfort of these nicer surroundings. Job hunting will soon become something you look forward to – or can at least bear to think about!
This new guide on how to improve your self-discipline is full of practical tips. Start practicing these techniques every day, and you’ll soon be back in control of your own destiny. 

14 Ways To Better Your Career With Self-Discipline [INFOGRAPHIC]

14 Ways To Improve Your Self-Discipline

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