The Best Places to Work
Get out your dream employer list and start adding some names to it! Glassdoor.com just came out with their Best Places to Work 2016 list and you’ll want to start networking today with the employees at these companies ASAP.
You deserve to work for a company that values and appreciates you. What we here at CCG love about this list is that winners are determined by the people who know these companies best—their employees.
best places to work


Award winners are determined using feedback employees have shared throughout the past year. Employees complete an anonymous company review that captures their overall job and company satisfaction, as well as the best reasons to work at their company, along with what needs improvement.
Unlike many workplace-related awards that require companies to self-nominate, Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards rely solely on employee feedback. That way you know what is really going on inside the company and don’t get fooled during the interview.

glass door best places to work 2016

We’ve rounded up the list to share with you what you need to know about the results of the Best Places to Work:

Top Companies for Culture and Values:

1. Twitter
2. Edelman
3. Google
4. Riverbed Technology
5. Facebook

Top Companies for Compensation and Benefits:

1. Google
2. Costco Wholesale
3. Facebook
4. Adobe
5. Epic Systems Corporation (Wisconsin)

Top Companies for Career Opportunities

1. Bain & Company
2. Boston Consulting Group
3. McKinsey & Company
4. Guidewire
5. Edelman

Top Companies for Work-Life Balance:

1. SAS Institute
2. National Instruments
3. Slalom Consulting
5. Orbitz Worldwide

Best Places to Work:

1. Airbnb
2. Bain & Company
3. Guidewire
4. Hubspot
5. Facebook
BONUS: If you want some dirt on the CEO before your next interview, check out the highest rated (male) CEO’s as well. It’s now time to get some women on this list, too Glassdoor.com! 🙁

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