Defeat Your Anxiety Monsters with 5 (Seriously!) Easy Tips 
Anxiety can sometimes feel like a slithering, slimy, black monster growling in the back of our minds non-stop, every day, bickering away at all our fears, insanities, and insecurities.
For some, anxiety shows up only during stressful times. For others, anxiety turns into a disorder that traps them in permanent fear and depression. For many who continue to live with anxiety for decades begin to believe alleviation can’t exist.
Biologically, anxiety is our body’s way of signaling, “Hey! Watch out, there’s danger ahead!” So, from an evolutionary standpoint, this explains anxiety’s positive role when our ancestor Homo sapiens were escaping wild bobcats in the forest. Yet, where does anxiety come from today?
Although we are no longer battling beasts on bare grounds, we are managing threats that can doom our wellbeing, like stressful careers, unloving relationships, toxic people, and social media overloads. Thus, certain factors can trigger anxiety monsters unexpectedly, even when no real signs of danger exist.
But, for all classy career girls out there, start believing that you can empower yourself to better health. As a writer who has dealt with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I know the troubles it can cause. Now, I’ve mastered 5 tips to live a happier, calmer, and more beautiful life and you can too!

Defeat Your Anxiety Monsters with 5 (Seriously!) Easy Tips 

1. Spot Your Unique Anxiety Triggers

Having trouble concentrating or sleeping? Can’t seem to attend social events without an underlying fear? Struggling with stress or panic attacks? Public speaking and work events causing immense nervousness?
The list of triggers will be person dependent, so only you can determine what yours are. Yet, recognizing these triggers can help you access the right type of support. Start by logging moments on your phone as anxiety spurs up or journaling daily to promote inner-reflection. Taking this step will automatically bring you some relief because now you’ve pinpointed your triggers.

2. Schedule in Some Self-Soothing

Life can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you’re juggling a career, family, and self-care. Ultimately though, self-care is significant in transitioning you into a more self-loving person. If you don’t soothe yourself, how will you strongly support your family, tackle work deadlines, and live a beautiful life?
Often, we consume ourselves with to-dos and forget that part of living authentically includes scheduling in some good ol’ fun. For example, gardening, yoga, painting, taking 15-minute walks in nature, crafting, or scheduling beach trips. Take a few minutes now to list out what you sincerely enjoy. By scheduling in even 30 minutes per day to nurture your wants and feel-good activities, you will start to see a dramatic decrease in your stress levels.

3. Prioritize Yourself

Attending a birthday party of a friend’s friend, because you don’t want to make a bad impression? Wearing shoes that hurt your feet tremendously only because they’re the new trend?
Often, we put our needs on hold for kooky and unjust reasons, like catering to fashion trends that discomfort us, attending events we despise or rescuing unsupportive, flaky friends. Then, we come home exhausted, eating bowls of ice-cream in our pajamas, daydreaming a Hawaii rendezvous.
Start asking yourself today what-to-dos or events on your calendar are there due to obligation or society norms? Are there even two agendas you can recognize that don’t align with your morals or interests? Can you cancel them? Essentially, it’s about creating healthy boundaries and prioritizing yourself first. Starting today, focus on what makes you happy.
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4. Choose Kind People

Toxic people can be gossipy coworkers, uncaring friends or disrespectful family members. Thus, try limiting your interactions with anyone who deflates your inner badass, amazing self. Give yourself permission to reject friendships that aren’t for your greater good or civilly request desk changes to your manager if you’ve been placed next to a nasty coworker. The more you opt-in for mutually respectful and caring relationships, the calmer you’ll feel inside.

5. Ask for Support

As humans, we cannot always be our own healers. Our friends and family may also be limited in the emotional or psychological support they can provide. Thus, it is important to seek professional help if you’re finding yourself in a bit of rut. You may even encounter solutions you never thought existed. Remember, never be ashamed of your bliss-seeking journey despite stigmas associated with mental health. If you’ve cared enough to take healthy steps to improve your life, you’re a much stronger person than you know.

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