8 Ways to Choose the Best Travel Accommodations For You

8 Ways to Choose the Best Travel Accommodations For You

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Leviticus - January 17, 2017

When I’m choosing a hotel I often like to check and see if there are any stores within walking distance. When I get tired of eating out, it’s nice to buy some groceries and have a more simple meal. I’ve never looked into apartment or condo rentals for lengthy stays, but I will make sure to in the future.

Rachel Lannister - March 7, 2017

You advised looking for lodging that has a reputation for being family friendly. I’m taking my family on a trip this summer, and I need to find a good place where we could stay. If they had accommodations put in place so that my kids could fully enjoy themselves, it would make our trip a whole lot easier on me and my husband.

Harper Campbell - July 3, 2017

My husband and I are starting to plan a vacation that is long over due, but we are curious to know what we need to look for in the right place to stay. I like how you pointed that one thing we need to look at is the on-site amenities to make sure that they will make our stay more comfortable. It would be really nice to stay in a place that offers a spa, which will really help make this trip more relaxing. https://www.visitferndale.com/lodging/


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