[2015 Fall in Love With Your Work and Life Challenge] Day 1 Agenda

I am just thrilled for you and me to journey through this challenge together! I’ll share my story of EXACTLY how I launched my dream career and created a life I love, that now provides me with an opportunity to wake up excited, fulfilled and energized everyday….

and more importantly, how you can do this too!

The day is finally here! The Fall in Love With Your Work and Life Challenge starts today!

Here are the details: 

Challenge Video #1 and Handout: Stop Searching



We are kicking it off with the surprising truth about passion and purpose.  Our Facebook community is where we will discuss the challenge videos and where you will publicly share what you are learning and the actions you are taking.  

Just a few years back I was one of those women who was stuck and bored at work. I never dreamed I could be where I am now…jumping out of bed to go to work, using my favorite strengths and skills to make a difference while traveling the world and spending quality time with my family.

But here’s what you need to know: I am not special. You can do the same things I did by starting now. If you know you are meant to be successful, happy and make an impact, your own dream career and calling is just waiting for you!  I’m going to walk you through as much as I can about how I did it in my videos!

 The good news is that all these things can be taught, and I want to teach them to you, so that you too can have an amazing career using your talents, and get paid for being you…whether you want to transition into a new company or industry or create a business that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

It’s become my mission to empower women from around the world to find careers they love so that they can be happier, more successful and make a big impact with their talents and gifts to make this world a better place.

If that sounds interesting to you, you’re going to love the next video.



P.S. Make no mistake, there is a TON I had to learn about career transitions, job searching and building a business myself to create my success, and it’s tough — if not impossible — to learn it all on your own. That’s why I created Love Your Career Formula 2.0… my accelerated dream job launch program for women with an entire year of support, that has already helped hundreds of women worldwide on their way to a career and lifestyle of their dreams. Learn all about Love Your Career Formula 2.0 here.

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