Office Etiquette: How To NOT Feel Guilty When Taking Time Off Work

Office Etiquette: How To NOT Feel Guilty When Taking Time Off Work

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Sachini Kawshalya - May 12, 2016

Dear CCG,
I’m Sachini and I’m working for Japanese company in Japan, I’m not a Japanese though.
recently I took a day off because I had a terrible fever with cold. I rearly take day offs as I’m still new to the company. One of our Comapny manager has given me a task to complete as soon as possible, I embrace it happily because I really enjoy completing tasks on time, which I always do. but this time due to my illness I couldn’t go for work for one day and the manager has tranfered the same task which has given to me another employee in the company. i know it is urgent but still I promised the manager to complete it even by working on saturday and sunday. but now Im feeling guilty for taking a day off and for not being able to do that task even if I was sick (I’m not even completely well). Please CCG. tell me a solution to get out from this guilty feeling. Or taking a day off when you are sick, is it really wrong?
Thank you!!!

    Anna Runyan - May 12, 2016

    No way. You have to take care of yourself. Don’t feel guilty. I am sure he understands because you were truly sick. When you get back tell him or her that you want to make it up to him and get another project that is important and do your best! He won’t even remember this time. Good luck and get better soon!

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