10 Best Sites For Work Clothes Inspiration

10 Best Sites For Work Clothes Inspiration

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Lor Mancera

Lor is a Marketing Assistant and Graphic Designer at Classy Career Girl since 2011. She is passionate and motivated to create a community of women who want to get ahead in their careers.

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Daniela Pesconi-Arthur - March 23, 2017

Lor, I absolutely loved this article! I am sometimes so uninspired to dress up! I work in a quite informal office, and I’m also overweight, which doesn’t help at all.
Thanks for all the tips. Bookmarked! 🙂

stylegirl - May 12, 2017

Another great option for your work wardrobe is Canadian designed and made Pink Tartan! Their shirts have lasted me 8+ years since buying my first one. Always getting compliments

sharon tate - June 28, 2017

Love the site some great information, I actually found more information than I expected keep up the good work.

Emilie Jerard - July 3, 2017

I also read your previous Article. After reading this blog I learn how we dress up in daily routine…… Thanks!

Joie Mojica Gahum - August 21, 2017

Dressing is a form a self-expression, we always wanted to look great even in our workplace, good thing cicihot clothing offers stylish and fashionable corporate attires that will help you look great everyday!


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