Win $50! Tell Us What Wardrobe Updates You Are Making in 2012

Win $50! Tell Us What Wardrobe Updates You Are Making in 2012

Today I am so excited to share with you this amazing infographic about 2012 wardrobe updates for professionals!  Hopefully it will help give you some ideas of ways you can spruce up your work attire in the new year!

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What wardrobe updates are you making in 2012? Do you have styles that make you both fashionable and professional? 

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  1. I’m trying to actually rein in the shopping this year, but plan on re-discovering my closet which has lots of office appropriate dresses and skirts I’m trying to wear in new ways with different accessories.

  2. I realized that my fashion goals are similar to my home decor goals. For one, I want to incorporate more color. Since I work in a more corporate setting, my plan is to bolster my classic dresses and skirts with brighter accessories and a few statement pieces. Scarves, earrings, and shoes have long been my favorite ways to mix in more excitement (read: pattern and color!), so I’d love to add more of those to my collection.

  3. I’m trying to update what I have in my closet with accessories this season. I am out on property and in nasty apartments most of the spring & summer, so it’s hard to look professional then. My main goal is to lose weight to wear cute skirts & dresses this year!

  4. I often go the comfortable and more affordable route and don’t put as much effort into my clothing as I should. I sometimes feel that the quality of my work speaks for itself but I also know that the image I present also is important in delivering confidence, trust and professionalism. I plan to invest in pieces that can be paired with what I already have and can give me a more polished look. I also will purchase a few scarves and accessories to liven up my outfit adding color and my personality. Thank you for this post it was very helpful, colorful and easy for a non-fashion mind like myself to understand.

  5. Aside from adding more pops of color to my blah wardrobe, I’d really love to start accessorizing. I’m not usually the type to wear jewelry or extra items I don’t need. But I think getting a new belt, some fun earrings and a few scarves can make my old outfits feel new and fresh for the new year!

    PS: ankle boots are my new favorite things! love them!

  6. Accesorize! Accessories are a great way to reinvent your existing wardrobe with color and interest. They are also generally less expensive than new clothes, and are therefore a good way to stay trendy and fashionable on a budget. So, in 2012, I plan to add color and excitement with statement jewelery and scarves.

  7. For 2012, I really am looking to dress more professional for work — although my work is very lax, the mantra that has been drilled into everyone’s heads still sticks with me (“dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”) I think staples are always the best way to keep professional, while adding personality with scarves, jewelry and shoes!

    • Hi Samantha-It is tough when everyone around you is not dressed up but I can tell you that it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd looking more professional. Best of luck in 2012!!

  8. I’m trying different layers in different colors! Pinterest has made me want to try new things and especially new color schemes. Color expresses happiness in most cases, and I like to try and be happy throughout my day at work. A neautral blazer with color underneath and colored accessories is what I am using as my “go to” 2012 office look!

    Oh, also bright colored shoes with neautral dresses–LOVE it.

  9. I love the infographic! Though I disagree with not wearing above the knee skirts. You can and should if you’re body shape calls for it (like me!) though it should be only slightly above knee.

    I’m shopping my own closet and coming up with new ways to wear what I already have this year.

  10. Don’t enter me in the giveaway, as I’m not in the US, but I just wanted to say that my favourite thing to do lately to punch up my wardrobe is to add a bit of bold colour. Just a touch in my accessories or nail polish, but I find it helps me be me, and conveys a sense of confidence (in my wardrobe and myself :)) that could help me down the road.

  11. I really want to start mixing more patterns and colors together at work. Sometimes I feel like I am over-doing it at the office by mixing bold patterns with bright colors, even though it is something I love to experiment with at night or on the weekends. I also am looking at new ways to accessorize… my go-to right now is a statement necklace or chain necklace and my co-workers love them, but I seem to forget about my belts, scarves and different looks I can create with my shoes! As an example for mixing patterns and colors, I wore a black and white striped turtleneck to work with a black skirt, but instead of my typical go-to black tights and heels I instead mixed this pattern with purple suede heels and purple tights! I also just pinned a look onto Pinterest yesterday with a bright pink pencil skirt, a black and white leopard print top and gold chain necklaces… this is exactly what I want to go for as an office look: Professional, yet fun!

  12. Kristie Conkle says:

    Accessories are the answer. They provide that ‘pop’ of color and elegance without draining the checkbook. I also go to the local beauty school for hairstyle updates and manicures, they have a dual purpose, they provide the experience to the student doing the service and you save cash. The plus side is I look good!

  13. Edie Thornton says:

    I want to incorporate some lower heeled boots that still look professional. I love using scarfs to pull an outfit together, it is a inexpensive way to have a more complete look.

  14. My number one wardrobe update is to do more with less (very similar to my overall new years resolution about simplifying my life). My first wardrobe update is to wear more dresses- tailored dresses for work and simple sundresses for weekends (once it warms up). My second update is to better rotate my jewelry to keep my style fresh! Lastly, I’d like to just stick with the style that works for me- menswear with feminine details, with a touch of Victorian edge sometimes.

  15. My wardrobe change is to add more color. I have a closet full of black blouses, pants, and skirts. I am not sure what color to incorporate but I will need to add a splash!

    • Edie Thornton says:

      I would suggest scarves to add the splash of color you are looking for. They usually show them displayed in stores and you can get some great ideas. You can also get them on sale for real bargains and they really make the outfit in my opinion.

    • Hi Ann-I love color! You can always use more of it! Happy New Year!

  16. This year, I cleaned out my entire closet and took an inventory of my wardrobe. I found that I have a variety of clothes, but am missing some of the quality staple items that I need in order to mix and match outfits. I’m going to invest in these items and mix patterns with color. It’s amazing how wearing patterns can give a somewhat drab outfit a fresh look. I dress rather conservatively, often wearing skirts and suits with tights and pantyhose to work. I also wear dress pants and cardigans. I keep my professional look fashionable by adding accessories like a statement necklace, brooch, or pin. They are great accent pieces that are simple yet stylish.
    I complete my look by making sure that my hair is just as stellar as my outfit.

  17. This year I’m getting more creative with my wardrobe. It’s amazing how many combinations of outfits you can find in your closet when you start thinking outside of the box! I have to be honest, Pinterest is really fueling my newfound creativity – there are so many simple and affordable ways to complete a professional and stylish outfit. Making a statement with pops of color and fun, yet classy accessories is key. :)

  18. I got a promotion a few months back and wanted to make a great impression so in 2012 I resolved to dress more feminine. Incorporating more blouses and skirts (which I’ve been trying to wear at least twice a week) and more accessories. I have a two hour commute which means I can get lazy sometime so I lay out neckleces and braclets before I go to bed now.

  19. I’m adding a mixture of prints to my wardrobe this year! I have been a big fan of mixing prints lately, and I think you can do it in a fun, stylish, and professional way! Ex – I love wearing a striped top with a pencil skirt…and leopard print pumps! Who says you can’t do that?

  20. I’m adding more blazers, blouse and pencils skirts into my wardrobe.

  21. I’m still at the internship level, but I’m starting to wear more skirts and heels to work. I’ve found my supervisors take me more seriously than when I wear slacks or flats!

  22. Ashley Henderson says:

    I just landed my first corporate-office job, so I’m trying to re-vamp my casual wardrobe to a chic office look. More pumps, blazers, office appropriate dresses, and more. I’m pretty excited for the new, professional wardrobe that I’m starting. Dressing the part actually helps me become more motivated at work and puts me in a professional mind set.

  23. I’m planning to incorporate more skirts into my wardrobe this year. I’m not a fan of pencil skirts and so I’m looking for more flattering A-line cuts that are more traditional and classic, thus ensuring a longer life in my closet! It’s so easy to resort to pants with every blouse, but skirts add a touch of femininity and adds a bit more dressiness that I feel that I sometimes lack. I always feel pretty in a skirt!

  24. I just started two new jobs (on the same day!) after five months of unemployment and two years of working from home, so I’m definitely in the market for some wardrobe additions. I have been slowly building up my collection, but there are still a few things on my list:

    1. Tights (one black opaque, one black/grey print) – definitely necessary if I want to make use of my two office-appropriate skirts and one dress before the weather warms up again.
    2. Nude or taupe heels – right now, all I have are black heels and black flats! Not a lot of variety… which brings me to:
    3. Brown heels or flats. Black does NOT go with everything. OK, and while I’m at it:
    4. Trendy boots. Shoes are not my specialty, but I notice them on everyone else.
    4. Classy, office-friendly sweaters. Surprisingly, I don’t have any (with the exception of one off-white cardigan) – these are essential!

    • Erm… I can count, I promise. Trendy boots were an afterthought, hence the duplicate numbers. :)

    • Edie Thornton says:

      I would recommend checking out DSW shoe store. The prices are great and the variety amazing. Jessica Simpson has some great flats that i love, they have a little wedge and I always get compliments on them. They have a little silver tone buckle on the toe and suede toe tip which is really nice too. I have them in black (which I have just about worn out, you can wear with dresses and pants) brown, the buckle is a goldish which is nice, a dark pink, and zebra stripe if you can believe. Tights are really wonderful, they can dress up skirts/dresses so much, they have textured ones and patterns of course. I would also suggest a couple of scarves that tie together some of your tops and bottoms, it adds a lot to the outfit and you will get compliments I promise. Good luck on your new jobs! Edie

  25. I’m focusing on high quality (with coupons!) clothes that fit my body well. Love fitted blazer jackets paired with a pretty top, dress pants, a pair of shined heels and either chunky statement bracelets or a necklace! :)


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