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"Employee to Entrepreneur" Success Path

Learn How to Successfully Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur and GROW Your Business the Right Way!

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Anna Runyan

Founder of ClassyCareerGirl.com

Since 2010, I’ve helped thousands of women ditch their day jobs and transition into profitable businesses. As the CEO of one of Forbes 35 most influential career sites, Classy Career Girl®, and founder of Corporate Rescue Plan™, I’ve been helping women of all ages plan and launch businesses in pretty much every type of industry.


What you will learn on this FREE training:

  • The biggest mistake women make when going from employee to full-time entrepreneur. 
  • The 5 signs of a strong business plan. 
  • How to reduce stress and overwhelm during your business start-up. 
  • The best way to plan out your marketing and strategy plan.
  • How to create an “Easy To Implement” Plan to get motivation and kick your business back in gear or to start a new side hustle.
  • How to make actual progress on your goals so you don’t face overwhelm and burnout.

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