3 Steps To Successfully Reach Your 90-Day Goals

We just finished our planning challenge here at CCG. It is incredible to see the clarity and relief that comes from doing the plan.

For a long time, I had no idea what tasks I needed to do, and it kept me stuck! One of those things that I really, really wanted to do was create a physical planner. I always wanted to get it out in the world. But I didn’t know the tasks I needed to do to get me there. 

Finally, I created a 90-day plan in October and it got done! I am doing this, I am committing to this. I am sick of dreaming of this, I want to make it happen. The first 30-day task was just to do research on HOW to create a physical planner. Start with an easy task, you don’t have to know all the step. 

First task: I emailed the shipper and asked for more info. That’s it! Is that hard? No! Did it get my dream started? YES! Then, I got some quick wins and it boosted my mood. It carried me through the tough times–and there were tough times. The designer created it and then my laptop would mess it up. The sizing was wrong. But, I believed it was possible and all the dominoes were starting to fall into place. I was motivated through the process.

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3 Steps To Successfully Reach Your 90-Day Goals

LEARN: Don’t feel like you need to know all the tasks that need to be done. Ask for help. Take one simple step. See the example above. Don’t feel like you need to know all the steps. 

COMMIT: Make a commitment and make it a priority. Keep it as an appointment on your calendar. A big goal, downloading the planner or buying the physical planner is only part of the process leading to your success. You have to take action.

Order your very own Classy Career Girl physical planner today. 

ACTION: Stop planning and start taking action. There’s a reason I wanted you to just do this in 5 days and spend 20 minutes on each section. Then GO! Start somewhere. You’ll do this again starting in April and it will change! It doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s why we have the annual experience where we ship your planners quarterly so you always know when to start again.

Stop dreaming. Start doing. Your plan actually doesn’t have to be that detailed. Start with the easiest task first. Just do one thing today.

Before we go, one last thing. you can create your future. This is your year. This is your time. Nothing is stopping you. You totally got this! Think of me as your personal cheerleader. I ‘m cheering you on!

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