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"Within a month and a half, I had accepted a new job offer. I recommend Anna’s course to all my friends who don’t know what to do next in their career. Anna gave me steps to make a move toward my big picture career vision and gave me practical ways to make my career desires happen."

Danielle Lawson Creative Account Coordinator, McBeard Media

Anna Runyan

Created by Anna Runyan Founder and CEO, Classy Career Girl Expert Career Coach, The Muse

Resumes, cover letters and other important career documents. What? You think that sounds boring? Don’t worry. I’ll make it fun and easy....

Here's what is covered in the 9 module training course:

  • Why You Need a Brand Strategy Before Writing Your Resume
  • Keywords: A Guide to Getting Your Resume Past the ATS and Into Human Hands
  • How To Turn Resume Duties Into Accomplishments and Results
  • How To Structure Your Resume and Done For You Templates 
  • How To Structure Your Cover Letter and Done For You Templates
  • How to Get Results Applying For Jobs Online
  • The Post Interview Thank You Note Template You Need To Write
  • Everything You Need To Know About References For Your Job Search
  • How a Good Work Portfolio Will Help You Get Your Dream Career

And of course, we can't wait to send you these THREE Bonuses...

Resume and Cover Letter Templates To Easily Populate 

Recommended Online Job Searching Sites

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