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How to Plan, Design, and Launch Your Dream Career or Business

3 Simple Strategies To Get UNSTUCK And NEVER Dread Monday Again!


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Hi there! I'm Anna.

Since 2010, I’ve helped thousands of women transition from stuck in their work to fully alive in their dream careers and businesses.

As the CEO of one of Forbes 35 most influential career sites, Classy Career Girl®, and founder of CLASS: The Love Your Work and Life System™, I’ve been helping women of all ages identify and launch dream careers in pretty much every type of industry.

And through it all, I’ve discovered a few small steps that most people miss when making a career transition that can make the biggest difference between creating the perfect career you were meant for and getting stuck again...in a dead end job.

This works even if you have NO IDEA what you want to be when you grow up and even during these uncertain times!

Learn how to successfully navigate your career with clarity and confidence.

This is the most important 75-minute masterclass you can join this year so register right now.

In this Masterclass


Learn 1

My signature 3-step system for getting UNSTUCK and NEVER dreading Monday again.

Learn 2

The top outdated strategies that other career and business coaches are teaching (and why they don’t work anymore)

Learn 3

How to conquer your fear of putting yourself out there and making your dream life happen.

Learn 4

The biggest mistake people make when launching their dream career or business (this mistake guarantees that you’ll get stuck and have to repeat the career change cycle again)


  • You’re feeling STUCK in your career or business and you know you want to have more happiness, freedom and IMPACT, and have the ability to make more MONEY.
  • You’ve been trying to CHANGE YOUR CAREER but you don't know what steps to take because you don't really know what you want to be when you grow up.
  • You want to KNOW what is working right now instead of being overwhelmed with strategies that aren't actually going to work.
  • You are job searching or want to start a profitable business so you can do more of what you LOVE every single day
  • You are second guessing your career during these tough times. Maybe you've lost your job or you've had to pivot your business and you are struggling to stay afloat.
Carina Lawson

"I would not have a business at all if I had not gone through Anna's system."

"How can I help?" That's what I hear all the time not only from Anna but from all the ladies inside her community. And that has been invaluable to me.

Anna's system is doable! You can absolutely switch careers with her training. It is possible.

Anna and the team have an answer to every question I ask. It feels absolutely wonderful to learn how to help my customers.

Thank you Anna!

-Carina Lawson, Founder of Ponderlily Paper and Planners

Note from Anna

Life is too short to stay STUCK. I want to teach you how to go from being miserable at work barely making ends meet to making more income than you can imagine doing work you love.

Work is changing fast. Now more than ever, it's the perfect time to make your dream career or business happen. Invest 75 minutes of your time with me and create a plan to feeling fully ALIVE in an awesome career.

My goal for you is that you will know the exact steps you need to go from work you HAVE to do... to work you LOVE to do.

See you there!