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You are invited to a free virtual job searchworkshop designed to give you a taste of Love Your Career Formula 2.0, the most comprehensive job search course on the market.

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Meet your guide, Best Selling Author and Dream Career Launcher, Anna Runyan.

Hi, I’m Anna, founder of Love Your Career Formula and Classy Career Girl, listed by Forbes on “Top 35 Most Influential Sites For Your Career.”

My superpowers are breaking down an overwhelming job search into simple steps, coming up with creative new ways to get hired and bringing a resume to life in one hour that would take most people all week.

That’s how I help our Love Your Career Formula members and how I want to help you too.

If you’ve been struggling with:

  • check-mark-3-64Figuring out what your next step should be

  • check-mark-3-64Getting calls back after submitting your resume online

  • check-mark-3-64Not feeling good enough

  • check-mark-3-64Fear, stress, money, anything associated with feeling a bit stuck at work

This is your chance to conquer some of these frustrations that will get you out of the job search cycle – with step-by-step training from me. We have multiple opportunities for you to join us and you’ll get instant access to the workbook when you join!

This is what I’ll be teaching:

job search

check-mark-3-64The 8 Steps To Determine Your Calling and Ideal Career Fit

check-mark-3-64The Love Your Career Formula 2.0 Job Search Action Plan

check-mark-3-64The 5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself For Clear Direction For Your Future

check-mark-3-64The 5 Most Common Mistakes Job Searchers Make


This content rich training experience, including the workbook, is absolutely FREE. And you can join from anywhere with an internet connection!