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Anna Runyan’s dream job launch accelerator for ambitious women 




You’re here because you know what you want:

A plan in place to wake up loving what you do…Building a career on what you enjoy while doing something you feel good about…Getting paid what you are worth, paying off debt…Being part of a meaningful team employed by a company that really appreciates and values the work you do.

You know what you want but you don’t really know how to get there.

You are stressed and overwhelmed with your job search and don’t have a cohesive action plan…You don’t want to get stuck in another dead end job that doesn’t fit you…Right now you are just working for a paycheck but you know you have a bigger purpose.

You are not alone. And in the next 90 days, Love Your Career Formula could change everything for you, your career and your life.

The Love Your Career Formula is a step-by-step dream job accelerator, and the most comprehensive job search program in the world. With 50+ video lessons ranging from determining your calling to wowing your employer in the first 90 days, our unique formula and methods have helped women from around the globe fulfilling careers where they can make a difference, get paid what they are worth and achieve their personal goals and dreams.

What could be possible for your career search if you had a cohesive action plan, the right tools, techniques and mentorship and a powerhouse community that nurtures your dreams?

I want to help you find out.

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Core Modules Overview:

Prep School is designed to get you ready for your career change. It covers success mindset, personal mastery, time management, goals, dreams and action plans.

We’ll start by understanding your personality, interests and calling better so you know what work will lead to ultimate career satisfaction.

In this section, we’ll be diving right into outlining your ideal career, researching potential career fields and targeting careers.

In this section, we’ll go over how to create your networking action plan so you aren’t wasting time networking with the wrong people.

This section will help you polish up your resume and cover letter and optimize it for your dream career so that you can truly shine on paper.

In this section, we’ll go over success strategies for online job searches, give you a job search schedule to follow and some proven strategies for preparing for job interviews and salary negotiations.

Meet the Founder of Love Your Career Formula™, and your personal dream career launcher: 

Classy Career Girl Founder & Best Selling Author Anna Runyan

In case we haven’t met yet – I’m Anna Runyan, Creator of a Top Forbes Career site, ClassyCareerGirl.com, bestselling author, international speaker, Expert Career Coach on The Muse and (most importantly) wife, mom and daughter.

Yep, it’s a rollercoaster ride of work-life balance but your benefit is this: when it comes to making big dreams happen in a very short amount of time (while juggling babies, bottles and breastfeeding) I know my stuff. In fact, I’ve mentored and coached thousands of women and was even invited to a Global Leadership Forum in Brazil to provide job search mentoring to young women. My expertise has also been featured in the pages of People StyleWatchForbes, Yahoo Finance, San Diego Union Tribune and Bloomberg BusinessweekNow, I’m beyond thrilled to be sharing my job search principles with YOU, too, in Love Your Career Formula 2.0.

What makes Love Your Career Formula™ different than anything else out there?

We are a one-stop shop and the most comprehensive program out there.

Here’s the thing: There’s some great career coaches that will teach you a lot. But chances are, you won’t have the budget to pay for a quality coach to work with individually or you only have the time to work with them on one thing, like updating your resume. That’s where Love Your Career Formula comes in.

As an accelerated dream job launch program, you get training, mentoring and a group community for your entire lifetime. We are a life-changing program and our aim is to change your work and your life, not just get you a new paycheck.

Many Career Coaches help you find a new job that fits you outwardly and pays you more. But, Love Your Career Formula focuses on the vital ingredients for a happy, fulfilling and successful career.

Because you deserve more than just a paycheck.

Here’s how we are breaking the mold:

We are a one-stop shop for your entire life. You will have everything you need from figuring out what career you want, to actually finding the job to then succeeding in the first 90 days and for your entire professional life as a female leader.

We first focus on your mindset. This is the 1 thing that could make all the difference for you. We focus here first so you can conquer your fears and gain the confidence you need to get your dream job.

We offer affordable payment options to ensure all women have access to high level premium career coaching. We give you everything you need an individual coach would give to you and much more at a quarter of the price. Our goal is to make this so every woman can purchase and succeed. No barriers!

We have a variety of schedule options to personalize your launch to your needs and requirements. You can succeed at finding your dream job with as little as one hour per week.

We find you the career you were born to do, not just your next paycheck.

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It takes more than the “How to” article to make your dreams happen. It takes a personal guide walking you step-by-step through the entire job search process.

That’s what my team and I have created in Love Your Career Formula.

Thank you Anna for what you do! So many doors have opened since I started and I’m so grateful.

Anna helped me realize I am in control of my destiny.  

Anna helped me transition from a job I was just comfortable in to a new career where I am now growing and challenged. I now work for a company with a bigger footprint and really enjoy what I do.

Cristina Amurao, Nashville, Tennessee. Dream Career Launched: Marketing Manager at Logan’s Roadhouse

Getting excited to join us? Here’s the breakdown of what your Love Your Career Formula Membership includes.

  • 50+ video trainings, PDFs of my slides, audios, workbooks and transcripts

  • 3 personalized schedule options to choose from

  • Instant admission to the Private Facebook Group Community exclusively for Love Your Career Formula 2.0 members

  • Lifetime access to all the online training modules and the beautiful private LYCF 2.0 membership site.

  • DISC Personality Assessment

  • Mindset Audio Collection from Anna

Hear from our members:

We have worked with hundreds of ambitious women from around the world to help them build careers around what they enjoy, get paid what they are worth, wake up excited to go to work, and become who they were born to be. Don’t just take our word for it though. Hear straight from our members about their experiences in Love Your Career Formula:

Love Your Career Formula 2.0 Is The Most Complete Career and Job Search Training For Women On The Planet!

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Here is some of what you have access to on Day 1:

  • A meticulous 3 month, 4 month or 6 month plan for your dream job search (you choose!), that you can put into action with the help of our videos and guides.

  • The chance to clear your blocks, limiting beliefs, and obstacles, so you’re ready to live your purpose, be marketable with amazing confidence and employed by a company that really appreciates and values the work you do.

  • Clarity around what your ideal career fit is (hint: it may not be what you’d expect), and a comprehensive networking action plan to match.

  • A how-to for building your network and tribe, in a way that fits your personality, and your needs.

  • Answers to your most critical job search questions, from a Master Career Coach who can tell you exactly what steps to take on everything from LinkedIn to interviewing to negotiating the salary you deserve.

  • A behind the scenes look at my own dream job launch, and the journeys, success stories and behind the scenes tips from some of our previous members . You can find out what works and what doesn’t, saving you time and money while showing you what’s possible for your career.

  • Incredible new connections with like-minded ambitious women walking the same path so you are never alone on this journey.

Your investment options for Love Your Career Formula 2.0

*Please note that all prices are in U.S. dollars and payment plans can be chosen on our checkout page.



4 Payments of $136.50

Lifetime access to Love Your Career Formula 2.0 + updates

-Complete education on Job Searching, Discovering Your Calling, Online Branding, Female Leadership, Success Mindset, Time Management, Resumes, Interviewing, Social Media and Salary Negotiations and SO Much More!

-A full orientation package to get you started plus a personalized DISC personality assessment

-Instant admission to the Private Facebook Group Community exclusively for Love Your Career Formula 2.0 members with daily support and accountability

-Immediate access to all modules




Lifetime access to Love Your Career Formula 2.0 + updates

-Complete education on Job Searching, Discovering Your Calling, Online Branding, Female Leadership, Success Mindset, Time Management, Resumes, Interviewing, Social Media and Salary Negotiations and SO Much More!

-A full orientation package to get you started plus a personalized DISC personality assessment

-Instant admission to the Private Facebook Group Community exclusively for Love Your Career Formula 2.0 members with daily support and accountability

-Immediate access to all modules

The real value in Love Your Career Formula 2.0 is so much more than the investment you will make today.

Most experienced (A.K.A. the best) career coaches or resume writers charge at least $300 per individual coaching session.

Our student rate is much more affordable and gives you the support you need for an entire lifetime.

But here’s what’s truly amazing:

Love Your Career Formula 2.0 gives you WAY MORE life-changing content than you would receive working individually with a coach a handful of times and you are able to grow with the program…so what you need on day 1 is very different than what you need on day 100, right?

Your career growth doesn’t end after one month. It’s a never-ending process. That’s why we have created this program so you can continue to get the support you need to achieve the success you desire.

There’s even a pay-as-you-learn option — so you could get started TODAY!!

Enrollment in Love Your Career Formula 2.0 could change everything.

Ask yourself this: What do you think you could achieve in your career if you had the right mentorship and if you were surrounded by a powerhouse community that wouldn’t let you fail? A support system like this can put you in the fast lane to achieving what you want most in your job search and your life.

Enrollment is only open for a limited time so join us today.

More love from our members


I learned so much about myself and got unstuck. For anyone who is feeling stuck in their career, I would highly recommend Anna’s course to get unstuck! Anna is a wonderful coach and really helped me in my career journey. She is very supportive and there to answer any questions I had along the way.


 mary ellen

I got an offer today. It is exactly what I want. I am grateful for your help building my confidence. I knew how to ask for more money and I got it. I remain a raving fan!


  • danielle3

Within a month and a half, I had accepted a new job offer. I recommend Anna’s course to all my friends who don’t know what to do next in their career. Anna gave me steps to make a move toward my big picture career vision and gave me practical ways to make my career desires happen.



I found the career I was best suited for. I have never encountered someone so encouraging, positive and willing to help.



I got 3 job offers in one week. I am so elated. Words cannot even explain how happy I am. I got 3 job offers in one week and I knew how to decide which one fit me best. Honestly, this has been such a great investment having someone to talk to about my career concerns.


anisha after

“I asked for and got a 20% increase from what I used to make and got it! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve accepted an offer. I wanted to thank you for your materials in guiding me in the right direction. It really helped me clarify what I like and didn’t like about my job and field. I just wanted to thank you again for your encouragement and guidance through this process!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I’m really proud of this I’ve poured my heart and soul into this and I’m really confident that this is the best and most comprehensive program out there and that’s why I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you go through every module and complete every worksheet and feel like you still aren’t satisfied. Send me proof you have completed everything and that you feel the course is lacking I will give you your money back, no questions asked.

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Got questions? I’ve got answers!

How much time each week will this program take?
To complete the core track, our past LYCF students have spent on average 3-7 hours per week. Since time is a barrier all of our clients face, we do have two schedule options for you to choose from. Our "I'm Busy" schedule requires one hour per week and our "Make It Happen Faster" schedule requires one hour per day.  
What type of person is right for this program?
The Love Your Career Formula works for all levels of women and all types of interests and passions. I have coached executives, unemployed women, stay-at-home moms, recent graduates, mid-level professionals and entrepreneurs. I have coached lawyers, doctors, teachers, marketing experts and personal trainers.  This system is for everyone. P.S. Currently, we only accept women.
Do you offer a refund if it’s not right for me?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you complete every section, every workbook, every checklist and still feel that the course material and training is lacking, simply send proof of completion and a reason why you are not satisfied. We will refund your purchase, no questions asked.
What are some results I might expect?
The main results for previous LYCF graduates have been clear direction, confidence and new career opportunities.  Click here to read success stories. Clients who have finished the course have said, “I am finally excited to get out of bed in the morning!” and “I know exactly where I am headed and what I need to do next!”  You can definitely expect your life and career to change quite a bit because of all of the personal development you will be doing. Once you start taking action, amazing things are bound to happen.
I’m going on vacation/planning a party/traveling/getting married/moving. Should I join now or wait?
Join now. It is expected that everyone in the program will go at their own pace and move at different speeds. We also understand that life will come up and that is why we offer lifetime access. Work through it at your own pace. No stress! But, whatever you do, don't make excuses for NOT making your dreams happen. Life will always be busy.  There will always be another excuse if you aren't careful!
How is this course delivered?
All course content is hosted on our private membership site for you.
I think I want to start a business. Should I join this program?

To be very clear, LYCF 2.0 will not teach you HOW to start a business like my other program, The Corporate Rescue Plan does. LYCF 2.0 will help you decide IF starting a business is right for you and what business you should start. We have included Corporate Rescue Plan Prep School in LYCF 2.0 as a segue into CRP, but please note that if you choose to transition to learn HOW to start your business in CRP, there may be an additional cost.

Can I get all the training modules at once?
Yes! You asked and we listened! This is a brand new update for LYCF 2.0.  We understand that everyone is at a different stage in their career transition so all modules will be made available to you. Note: Bonus modules will be periodically added, so you can look forward to even more great content.
Once I join the program and have questions, who do I go to for support?

We have an excellent customer service team in place to support you and provide you with a high touch experience. Post your questions in the Facebook group or email them to info@classycareergirl.com and your inquiry will be assigned to a team member that can best serve you.

When does the course start?

Technically, your Love Your Career Formula 2.0 experience begins as soon as you purchase the program because you have access to a comprehensive orientation, LYCF 2.0 Prep School, and "What's My Calling" College designed to prepare you prior to officially starting. So, you will receive your very first module today! Then, you can go through the formula at your own pace. You have access to all modules immediately so you can move through it as you wish, but we will provide you with schedule options and recommendations.

Will I get one-on-one feedback and coaching from Anna in LYCF 2.0?

This is a self-study program. The Facebook group is a great place to interact with Coaches and other members, but no individual private coaching with Anna is included in the program.