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You are invited to our free, private Facebook community exclusively for ambitious women!

What is The Love Your Work and Life Ladies Facebook Group all about?

The Love Your Work and Life community is for women who want to not only have careers they love, but they want to love their life as well. They are looking for their callings, not just a paycheck and are motivated to be the best employees, entrepreneurs, women, mothers, wives and friends as they can possibly be. The community is focused exclusively on helping you make your career dreams a reality.

The Schedule:

Mondays are to set your goals for your week. Share with us one thing you are going to do to move you closer to your dream career and life this week!

Wednesdays are Promote Yourself Days! Why should you be hired? What does your business do? We recommend on those days that you share a link to your LinkedIn profile or business website because you never know who else might be in this group to help you! Ask for what you want because people can’t help if you don’t ask!

Fridays are to celebrate your WINS! Share your accomplishments and your wins and let’s celebrate your successes this week!

Every other day this group is all about supporting and motivating you to love your work and life.

Your Host:

The Love Your Work and Life Facebook group is hosted by Anna Runyan, Dream Career Launcher at ClassyCareerGirl.com.

 A former Corporate Consultant and MBA grad, she now helps ambitious women design and launch their dream careers or businesses in 90 days or less. She provides career and business coaching to over 30,000 women on her blog and her social media channels.

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