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Become a Certified Career Coach from anywhere in the world, at your own pace.

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Want to create a career you love

where you get to impact others and work from home?

Set your own schedule and live the life you want by becoming a Certified Career Coach with Classy Career Girl International.

Build a thriving and profitable Career Coaching Business by the time you graduate.


  • Study the curriculum the best way for you! Get immediate access to the video curriculum or attend live training for done-with-you support so you can increase your income and fulfillment and WAKE UP EXCITED to go to work as a Career Coach. ($3,000 value)
  • Real-life career coaching practice, session reviews, and feedback from Anna so you are confident to serve more clients and take the guesswork out of building a profitable six-figure business. ($2,000 value)
  • Tools, success paths, systems, templates, and training materials that you can use to enroll and coach your future clients so you don't have to create any resources yourself to start your coaching business and your clients can trust you immediately. ($3,000 value)
  • Business Launch Session to map out your post-graduation coaching business launch and generate your personalized plan to create monthly revenue of $10,000 so you can have more freedom and flexibility and make more money doing work that feels easy, fun, and exciting. ($500 value)
  • After graduation, your listing will be added to our Career Coach directory so that your ideal clients can search online, find you and hire you. ($1,000 value)
  • Upon certification, you will have the title of Certified Career Coach and can use the training badge on your website and promotional materials so you can stand out from your competition and be trusted by individuals, professional organizations, and corporations as a Certified Career Coach. ($500 value)
  • The Career Coach Roadmap: A proven path to quitting your day job and starting a profitable and fulfilling Career Coaching business you love so you can make a difference in the world. This roadmap is going to help you go from no clients to booked out by the end of the program. ($3,000 value)

And now Introducing...

The Career Coach Roadmap

A proven path to quit your day job and start a profitable and fulfilling Career Coaching business you love and make a difference in the world. This proven roadmap is going to help you go from no clients to booked out by the end of the 3-step program.


One of the best ways to stand out as a Career Coach is to narrow down your niche. You don’t have to be all things to all people. Use our proven formula to narrow down your coaching niche and land your dream clients. This step will effortlessly fill your coaching practice and make work fun and exciting again.


Sales and new client enrollment are where most coaches make mistakes. Learn our proven system to enroll your dream career coaching clients step-by-step so you don’t have to worry about being salesly and finally get paid what you are worth to change people’s lives.


Now you can finally use our proprietary systems, tools, and success paths to help your clients get fast results. Build a well-respected coaching practice that quickly builds success stories and testimonials and make an impact on other people’s lives easily. Wake up doing what you love everyday helping companies keep their talent engaged and individuals create work they love!


CCG Testimonial - Candace McRae
CCG Coaching testimonial Candace
CCG Coaching testimonial Candace
CCG Coaching testimonial Ashley
CCG Coaching testimonial Carina
CCG Coaching testimonial Carina
CCG Coaching testimonial Carina Lawson
CCG Coaching testimonial Magali

"The systems provided in the Certification program help you stress less. I don't have to sit and brainstorm about what I am going to do or say. It's all done for you. It's worth it. It's perfect. -Candace McRae

"I now have 5 clients and am fully booked. I'm writing my second book and growing my podcast. My confidence has increased and I no longer feel nervous on sales calls. I'm ready to raise my prices and I'm excited to launch a group coaching program!" -Jen Pestikas

"I am getting clients now. I am booked. I can scale even more now and launch my group program. I can now work from anywhere and I travel all the time. I was just in Europe and I still was able to grow my business." -Caitie Barber

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Thanks to Certification, I can run my business's backend on autopilot. My only job is to deliver the best coaching session I know I can to others. I feel unstoppable and much more confident in my skillset. - Carina Lawson

"The last thing you want is to come off salesy. You want to be prepared and off naturally, which I can do now thanks to Certification." -Joan Smith

"I am confident now that I can scale my business. People are interested in my coaching services. It's actually working. My mindset has changed and it's improved my personal life too. " -Emerle Barry


"After going through the Certification program, I now say I am an expert and a Career Coach. Now when I meet women, I now know what to say to help my clients reach their goals. - Magali

"The systems helped me the most. I didn't have to create anything from scratch. The coaching template for working with clients was brilliant and I now stand out from my competition immediately. I easily get new clients." -Ashley Clayton



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