5 Different Careers You Can Get With a Master’s in Education

5 Different Careers You Can Get With a Master’s in Education

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Cole Mayer

A former professional journalist covering crime, court and fire stories, Cole spends his free time freelance writing, playing video games, and slowly writing a crime novel.

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Liz C. - May 17, 2017

This post is really inspiring. After I graduated from my master program, there was a time that I was still very confused what to do for my career. The program I was in is a STEM one, but the things I have learned still hard for me to get a job, a better job with high salary. I tried a lot of things. When rethinking career, I also looked into a lot of career quizzes, which somehow also gave me some inspirations on what could I do. For example, I tested the MBTI test, and it showed me that I am actually an ESFJ. There are some suggested jobs in the explanation, which I found somehow confirmed my decision on doing non-profit. Getting a higher level of degree can solve everything, still, you need to think a lot and make a decision. The benefits of getting a master degree, in my opinion, give me more space of making choice. I have more things that I could do which I even didn’t think about I could before.


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