10 Best Planners For 2017

10 Best Planners For 2017

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Anna is the founder of Classy Career Girl, named by Forbes as one of the top 35 most influential career sites of 2014. She helps millions of women design and launch their dream careers, businesses and lives through her website, online courses and social media channels.

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Michelle - December 15, 2016


How were you able to use images of the actual planners in your post? Did you have to get permission from the sites first, or are these photos considered to be royalty free?


Millennial Shatterbelt - March 14, 2017

I love them all but the daily greatness planner looks great I am seriously considering buying it once mine is filled :)thank you !

Camille - March 16, 2017

All are so beautiful! Thanks for the roundup. I just got my LinkedIn profile rewritten, chose my best professional pic using Photofeeler, now getting ready to pound the pavement on my job search! Starting my “new year” a little late, but it’s exciting.

Farah - March 24, 2017

Great list but I have to say that the most comprehensive and gorgeously designed are the Dailygreatness Planners. I have used one for the past year and it has seriously changed my life in so many incredible ways. It’s not just a notebook and planner but a tool for personal growth. Highly recommend.

Ashley - April 18, 2017

Wish you had included the WeekDate Planners. I have been using mine for two years running and can’t imagine life without it. If a weekly meeting changes to another day, I just make the change once and I’m done. It’s fun and productive seeing my weekly schedule along with my specific appointments. Couldn’t live without it! They are at weekdate . com

    Anna Runyan - April 18, 2017

    Thanks for your feedback!

Aibibi - April 30, 2017

I am a student and I want to start own little business by selling planners . I am keen on planing. I think that planning plays key role in every person’s life. I want to share the importantance of planning with my freind and students. Give me please some advices about this. Where to start ?

Jenna - May 24, 2017

So glad I found this blog! I just ordered my Plum Planner and I’ve never felt more hopeful that I can actually be as organized as I want to be. Thanks for all the great input and info!

Joe O'Toole - July 21, 2017

I am so amazed with this list of planners. You have done a great work to collect this information. I will start following them on linkedin.


Sarah Makahani - August 19, 2017

The Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas is absolutely gorgeous!!! That and Erin Condren are my favorites! I just bought a Deluxe Monthly Planner from EC and have been buying the Happy Planner for the past 3 years!

Holly - August 26, 2017

Great list of planners! I would also add the planners from Inkwell Press – I have had one this past year and love it! They are beautiful, high quality, and have a great set up with goals, monthly, weekly, notes, habit trackers and so much more. 🙂

Kay @WeekDate - August 29, 2017

What a great roundup of planners! Thanks for putting this together.

Hoping I can mention WeekDate here. It’s the only planner that lets you write your repeats only once. It keeps you focused on your business and tasks at hand. You see two weeks at a time for planning purposes.

One customer wrote: “I didn’t know about this product and all I can say is: Oh, my God! How did I live without this before? How come no one thought of that before?”.

Featuring the original WeekDate Weekly Planner, the WeekDate Academic Planner and the WeekDate White Dry Erase Board.
Thanks! Kay (owner, creator, and all things WeekDate) http://www.weekdate.com 🙂

Casey Moran - August 30, 2017

A new one that I’m hoping makes the 2018 list is now launching on kickstarter. Designed by a coach for his clients this planner has the ability to change lives…

Fiona Day - September 20, 2017

I just got my 2018 #PlanLikeABoss Planner for artists and I love it!! You should check it out if you do a 2018 list. I’ve looked at a lot of the planners that you have on this list, and some of them are too cluttered for me. I felt like I would end up spending more time decorating my planner than actually doing the work I planned on doing. Just me, but I want a planner that will help me get to work, not distract me from my work. In any case I love this list and the effort you put into making it!

Kay-Kay Bennett - November 5, 2017

Great list! I had tried many of these and none really worked for me. I personally love the ‘List It Planner’ and would recommend adding it if you do a 2018 list… http://www.listitplanner.com.

    Lor Mancera - November 14, 2017

    Never heard of ‘List it Planner’. I’ll check it out. Thanks for sharing!

Kimberly Brook - November 26, 2017

Great list – I’ve tried some of those and they are great. I’m all about the goals, so GoalDRVN Planner is the best one for me and it’s the only planner I know that has equal amount of weekly spreads and freedom pages for me to brainstorm my crazy ideas: http://www.goaldrvnplanner.com


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