10 Essential Tips for a Beginner Event Planner

10 Essential Tips for a Beginner Event Planner

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Martin Laird

Martin Laird is a freelance writer, with a flair for interior design & event planning. His two cats, Luna and Diego, absolutely adore him and try to spill coffee on his blueprints whenever they can. He likes to explore the city as much as possible and discover new trends."

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Kristian Borghesan - October 26, 2017

Great tips, thanks for sharing! Definitely a must for every beginner in the event field! I recently wrote an article about 3 important lessons for every event organizer after hosting a mid-sized event: http://blog.bruha.com/3-important-lessons-every-event-organizer/

    Anna Runyan - October 28, 2017

    Glad you found it helpful!

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