“How to Manage Men and Money” HOT TOPIC Webinar Next Week!

“How to Manage Men and Money” HOT TOPIC Webinar Next Week!

One of the best parts of blogging is the partnerships that you can create with other bloggers. What is also exciting is when you find other bloggers writing books too! That’s what happened when I found out that Amanda Abella from amandabella.com is launching a book right now as well.  We were brainstorming and realized that our book topics, managing men and money, fit well together as a HOT TOPIC! And we wanted to offer you some of both of our best information into one webinar.


Monday, February 10th at 4pm PST (7pm EST)

This webinar will show you:

  • Mindsets and strategies you need for success managing your money and the men you work with
  • Differences between genders when managing money and negotiating
  • How to ask for what you want
  • How your emotions affect your success with money and managing men
  • Strategies for communicating with men
  • And more!

Click here to register.


Who is Amanda?

Amanda Abella is a certified life coach and author who has created a firestorm community where millennials seek to create their best lives. She is also the author of the Amazon bestselling book Make Money Your Honey and has been featured in ForbesThe Huffington Post, and The Chicago Tribune. She has been teaching millennials how to cultivate better relationships with work and money since 2010.

Who is Anna?

Anna Runyan is a speaker and leadership coach, founder of ClassyCareerGirl.com, one of Forbes most influential career sites for 2014 and the author of the popular new book, The Professional Woman’s Guide to Managing Men. She’s the go-to gal when you want to talk about how to be the best female leader possible. Anna Runyan uses her background working in a male dominated field for eight years as a Military Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton to teach her clients how to successfully upgrade their leadership. Anna also teaches Management as a Professor at DeVry University.

Make sure you join us for a chance to win a copy of Anna’s brand new book!!

P.S. The webinar will be recorded so if you can’t make it live, still sign up to get the replay!

Click here to register.

Upcoming Interview Today: How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders

Upcoming Interview Today: How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders

I am very excited to announce another amazing interview we have coming up in the Get Ahead Club. Our next interview is today, February 3rd, with Anne Doyle, author of Powering Up: How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders.

Anne Doyle is a leadership and communication strategist, keynote speaker, media commentator and author of Powering Up! How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders. She brings three decades of trailblazing journalism, business and political credentials to her work. From TV newsrooms to sports locker rooms, from board rooms to congressional hallways, Anne Doyle has honored her skills in some of the toughest leadership laboratories and with sports, business and political leaders as accomplished as Reggie Jackson, Sparky Anderson, Jac Nasser,  Jack Welch, Kathleen Ligocki, and U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Following her early retirement from Ford Motor, Doyle founded Anne Doyle Strategies, a leadership and communications consulting practice. She is also a columnist for Forbeswoman.com and a weekly commentator for Michigan Talk Radio Network. Most recently, she was elected to a four-year term on the Auburn Hills City Council. An honors graduate of the University of Michigan, Ms. Doyle has done advanced studies at the University of Madrid, Northwestern, Duke, Harvard and the Ford Executive Development Center. She is also the mother of a 19-year-old son, Kevin, the big sister of seven children and a global traveler and active outdoorswoman.

What is the Get Ahead Club?

I created the Classy Career Girl Get Ahead Club for professional women who are determined to get ahead in their careers.  This is my entry level of membership and a great way to have ongoing access to me and other career experts at a very affordable rate. Topics range from how to get promoted, how to manage your time, how to find your dream job and how to manage stress and burnout.

These women that I pick to interview are women that I REALLY want to talk to. I have heard them speak before and they have completely inspired me.  So I am being very picky and only choosing the best experts and successful professional women that I REALLY want to talk to. So I won’t waste your time. This is as good as it gets!  Today there are over 48 women in the Get Ahead Club and  the interview recordings are ready to download and listen to for inspiration and motivation at your fingertips!  I suggest listening to them while you are working at your desk, driving to work or exercising. I am a big fan of making the best use of my time and sitting and doing nothing is not something I am good at:)

Getting ahead is hard and I don’t want you to do it alone.  I want to support you and so does everyone else in the club. Click here to join us in the club.

Why You Need To Promote Yourself at Work

Why You Need To Promote Yourself at Work

With my book coming out next month, I am realizing that I often have a hard time promoting myself. This is something that many women struggle with so today’s article is all about why you need to promote yourself at work.

Most women are more comfortable being humble and not attracting attention.  When I was growing up my dad would brag about the things I was doing to other people and I would get so embarrassed (and I still sometimes do)!

One of the most common mistakes that women make (and I have too!) is believing that other will people know how awesome they are without them having to say anything about it. They are working away in their cubicle doing GREAT work but because they aren’t out there promoting themselves, their leadership doesn’t see all the great stuff that they are doing!

Women have often been raised NOT to self-promote whereas men are raised to promote themselves and compete with each other.  Men are often naturals at promoting themselves to others and it is fairly common for them to promote themselves in a group of men.


One day I received two emails at work. One was from a man on my team and one was from a woman. I had congratulated the woman on an award that her team had just received.

In response to my email, she said “Oh, that award wasn’t for me. I wasn’t even here when that award was written up.” She missed her chance to say, “Thanks! Yes,I have been working my butt off here since I started and I am doing a great job!” She made herself look less than the awesome and hard working person that I know she is with that email.

On the other hand that day, the email I received from the man said, “Look at this awesome thing that I was able to complete!” He had finally completed something that he had not been able to do for the past year. He sent that email to our entire team to brag about his accomplishment.  I congratulated him and said, “Wow, that is awesome! Good for you!” In my eyes, unfortunately, the man scored some points that day and the woman lost some points for not promoting herself.


Constantly build up your reputation by sharing what you are working on to build respect for you and your work. If you have a great thing that you know you did, just say it! Don’t wait for someone to call on you or for someone else to discover it. Get in the habit of sharing emails about good work or presenting good news in team meetings. Look for ways to expand your skills and knowledge and then don’t be afraid to tell the team what you are learning and working on.

Would love to hear how these tips helped you. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

P.S. —The Female Leadership Academy tools have already helped hundreds of ambitious professional women take their leadership career to the next level… and you can do the same.  Let this be the year you take on greater roles and excel as you advance in your career. Join us for the $500 discount through midnight TONIGHT.


The Results of My Annual Reader Survey

The Results of My Annual Reader Survey

Over the summer, I surveyed readers of my blog and I wanted to give you some of the results.  This survey was all about me getting to know you all better and really figuring out what your challenges, frustrations, hopes and dreams were. And it was eye-opening because I realized that I have most of the same fears, frustrations and desires that you all have.  I guess that’s why you read my blog:)

I have plenty of posts planned this year that are going to tackle some of your challenges and questions. I had over 100 responses to this survey so THANK YOU! Since I decided not to go with multiple choice this year and just let you write in your answers, it is harder to summarize for you. So I am going to give you the most common answers to the questions instead.  The answers I saw over and over again.

I thought it would be interesting for you to see the responses from other professional women just like you. If you didn’t take the survey back in June, I would recommend writing down your answers to the questions before you even read the other responses.  Feel free to send me an email if there is a specific fear or frustration that you want me to tackle on the blog this year.  For now, the below answers will keep me focused on helping you but I am always looking for more great ideas!

Question 1: What are your biggest fears and frustrations with your career?

  • Not moving up into position of leadership or supervision and failure. My biggest fear is that I won’t progress any further. No mobility for my future. Not being able to move up the ladder. Staying stagnant and not reaching goals. (MOST COMMON ANSWER)
  • Not being challenged and not knowing the best way to advance my personal growth.
  • I’m scared I won’t be any good at managing others.
  • Settling for a comfortable gig instead of following a dream.
  • Working with inefficient and inadequate people and energy zapping bosses.  Office gossip and backstabbing co-workers.
  • Working in a male dominated field.
  • Balancing all of my responsibilities (family and career).
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Low salary and job security.
  • Not living up to my full potential.
  • I am not taken seriously.

Question 2: What problems are these fears and frustrations causing in your life?

  • Stress and anxiety. (MOST COMMON ANSWER)
  • Worry, burnout and fatigue.
  • Boredom.
  • Unfulfilled, unhappy, frustration and dissatisfied.
  • Not having enough money to pay my bills.
  • Feeling stuck.
  • Lack of motivation
  • Health problems related to stress.
  • Insecurity.
  • Strain on family.
  • Irritability.
  • Discontent.
  • Self-doubt.

Question 3:  What are your biggest desires for your career?

  • To be a successful leader and help others realize their potential.
  • Doing something that makes me feel like it matters if I come to work.
  • To do work I love that is meaningful and make a difference. (MOST COMMON ANSWER)
  • To be fulfilled and challenged.
  • To be recognized at work.
  • To be successful in a leadership role where I can make a difference and help others feel good about themselves.
  • To be the best at what I do and become an expert in my field.
  • To grow in my current position and company and make more money to provide for my family.
  • To fulfill what I was put on this earth to do.  To help people.
  • To reach my maximum potential.
  • To be able to wear suits. (THIS WAS MY FAVORITE ANSWER:)

As I said above, feel free to send me an email if there is a specific fear or frustration that you want me to tackle on the blog this year.  For now, the above answers will keep me focused on helping you but I am always looking for more great ideas!

I am looking forward to helping you tackle your fears and frustrations this year and helping you reach your career goals and desires!

What are your current fears, frustrations and/or desires for your career?

Podcast 32: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Career Girl Should Know With Kate White

Podcast 32: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Career Girl Should Know With Kate White


Click play above or right click here and save link as to download or subscribe on iTunes. Leave a quick review and rating here on this link, I would really appreciate it!


  • How can we make bold moves in our career and land a job that we are truly passionate about?
  • What are some ballsy strategies for getting a job?
  • How can we radiate confidence and get “buzzed” about?
  •  What are the success secrets that every gutsy career girl should know?
  • And much more!


6 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Promoted to Leadership

6 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Promoted to Leadership

I was reviewing the Classy Career Girl survey results and noticed that a lot of CCG readers were frustrated with not moving up into a position of leadership or supervision.  Many of you were fearful of not being able to grow and develop into higher level positions. Valid concern.  Sometimes we get stuck in a job and it’s hard to break out and rise above a certain level.  I have no idea who wrote the responses on my survey since it was anonymous. But if it was you, well done for acknowledging your desires, goals and fears.  You can’t move past your fears and frustrations without acknowledging them first.

Since I received so many of these same responses, here are some reasons to think about why you may not be moving up. These may be tough to hear but some of them may be valid.  Don’t ignore them.

But, before I get into the reasons… You first have to take responsibility for your own career success. Say this, “I am responsible for my own career success, and no one else.”  Many times I hear people blame their career growth on other people or circumstances, that means you aren’t accepting responsibility.  Even worse, you are pretending that you are powerless in being able to change your circumstances.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” -Charles R. Swindoll

You can’t control the circumstances of your career such as a bad boss, downsizing or mean co-workers that make your life miserable. But, you can control how you respond to them.  You can create your own life and career success. That is why each of the reasons below are not circumstances that are out of your control. You can take action to change each of the reasons that I listed below.  Successful people create their own success, it didn’t just miraculously happen and you can create your own success too.

Here are six reasons you aren’t getting promoted to leadership:

1) No one knows you want a leadership position. People can’t read your mind and help you if you don’t ask. In my first leadership position, I didn’t have a “leader” title so my boss didn’t really know how many leadership activities I was doing.  When assessment time came around, I told him I deserved a promotion and he didn’t believe me. So I put together my case for a promotion and presented my boss with feedback from all of my teammates so he could see that I really did deserve the promotion.  Most importantly, I let him know that I wanted a promotion. If I didn’t, he never would have thought that I wanted one and I never would have been considered for one.  Not everyone wants to be in leadership so if you don’t express your desire to move up and grow, your management might not think you want it.  Also, your manager is probably very busy and might not take the time to even ask you.

Action to take: Set up a meeting with your boss and ask him/her what you would need to do in order to get promoted to a leadership position.  Tell him/her that you are very interested in your career growth and development and are ready for a challenge.  Ask if there are any leadership opportunities that you can start helping with in your current assignment so you can start developing your leadership and people development skills.

2) You are not exceeding expectations in your current role.  Are you coming in early and staying late. Are you doing everything possible to ask for more opportunities and challenges. Do you do things without being asked? These are all requirements to take it to the next level.  Being a manager requires a lot of self-sacrifice. If you are acting selfish in your current job and only doing the tasks that you have been assigned, you won’t be seen as someone who can go above and beyond to really succeed as a manager.

Action to take: If someone you work with is still working when you are about to leave, don’t leave. Instead, ask if you can help them get their task done so you can both leave at the same time.  Review your job description and ensure you are completing everything required. Then, brainstorm ways that you can go above and beyond your current job description. Ask your boss if he has any new assignments or challenges that you can take on or if there is anything that he/she needs help on. Ask how you can help on a daily basis.

3) You aren’t providing extra value to your company.  The clients I have coached to promotions all gave their management a specific dollar amount or justification for promotion.  Have you brought in new clients or new revenue?  How have you helped the company? You have to be prepared to present this if making a case for your promotion.  At our company, in order to get promoted we would have to bring in new clients or new revenue for the company.  This could be more of a sales position at your company and may require you to step outside your comfort zone or take some classes to get the skills you need.

Action to take: Review your company’s revenue goals and determine how your job plays into how the revenue increases or decreases. Then, determine actions you can take to increase that number. It could be that your job is more of a support function and you aren’t directly involved in sales.  Then, determine how your support job affects the bottom line and what you can do better from a supportive function so that the people actually doing the selling can bring in more revenue.  No matter what your job is, you do make a difference in the big picture of the goals of the company.

4) You aren’t liked or trusted.  Let’s face it, people want to reward people they like. If you can’t be trusted to do your job right now, you won’t be trusted to manage a team of people. The more credible you are, the more confidence that people will have in you. Integrity is really important in the workplace so if you say you are going to do something, do it.  Distrust happens when you are a different person at work than you are at home and you aren’t authentic at work.

Action to take: Be yourself at work and get to know people. Instead of burying yourself in your work all the time, walk the halls and check in on people. This is practicing a key leadership trait. The average executive spends three-fourths of their time dealing with people.  Start building relationships with everyone you work with.

5) You have a small network within the company.  You can’t be promoted if no one knows you. Your boss can only do so much to share all of the great things that you are doing when trying to give you a promotion.  If your boss goes to present your promotion criteria to the rest of the leaders and none of them have even heard your name, you probably won’t get the promotion. But, if there are a few other people in the room that are also vouching for you, besides just your manager, you will be much more likely to get it.

Action to take: This action is different from #4 because here you need to strategically build your network. So instead of just knowing everyone on your current team, start brainstorming ways you can develop key relationships with people on different teams at your company or with your the boss of your boss.  Think of the job you want someday and set up a 15 minute meeting with the person who is already in that job. Ask them how you can grow into a position like theirs someday and get introductions to other people in the company. Once you start, it will be like a domino effect and your network will just keep growing. And remember to build your network outside of your current company because in order to get a leadership position, you just might have to make a leap to another company.  Don’t ever rule this out!

6) You don’t have an attitude of a leader.  If you project a poor attitude, you will prove to be a poor leader. Employees will notice and copy the attitude of their leader. A leader’s positive attitude will create a positive work environment and this is a huge criteria for getting promoted.

Action to take: Think about how you respond to stressful situations.  Do you have a nervous breakdown or can you think clearly and take actions to improve the situation.  Start learning how to handle problems and stresses with a positive outlook.  Whenever I would be approached with a problem, I would go for a quick walk and clear my mind so that I could come back in and delegate or complete the steps that needed to happen to resolve the problem quickly.  Develop a stress release approach like a walk, a trip to the bathroom or a coffee break so that you make sure you are always displaying an attitude of a leader.  Trust me, when you get into a leadership position, your problems and stresses will multiply! :)  You have to be prepared and ready to handle them.


Which reason jumps out at you? Start taking that action outline above this week to reach your career and leadership goals this year.

Some Things Are Changing Around Here…

Some Things Are Changing Around Here…

If you read my post about my 2013 year in review and looking forward to 2014, you learned that my new mantra from 2014 is “What can I say no to?” Saying no is extremely hard for me and I wind up with way too many things on my plate.  I learned this the hard way in 2013 and am determined to make 2014 the year to simplify and focus.

Part of this is simplifying my business and focusing on the type of work that I really want to do.

What made me start thinking about saying no is when I heard Bob Goff, author of Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World, say that he quits something every Thursday. At first it seemed crazy, but then I made a list of all of the things that I wanted to quit and said why not? But, don’t get me wrong. I am not a quitter! I am only quitting things that are in the way of the big goals and dreams that I have this year.  I am quitting the things that are holding me back. I am quitting the things that have caused many other bloggers and new business owners to just flat out quit their entire businesses.  I have to quit some things so I can focus on doing my best work and making it even better.

What’s Changing:

1) One of the things that I will say no to in 2014 is job search coaching.  This was a really hard decision. For the past three years I have offered job search, resume and interview preparation coaching to my clients.  I have loved every second of the work I have done but with my book coming out, I have realized that my passions and focus are changing.  My new 2014 individual coaching spots will now only be for mid to high level leaders looking for leadership development, time management, communication and stress management techniques to upgrade their leadership and accelerate their career success. BUT DON’T WORRY if you are a job searcher!! Over the last two years I have created many job search products for you so you can get ALL of my tips and tricks in my Get Unstuck Quick Start, my 10-Day Cover Letter and Resume Makeover System or my 90-Day Find Work You Love Virtual Coaching Program.  Then, when you find a job and get a leadership position, come on back and we can work together individually then!

Note: If you are looking for leadership development coaching, I am offering 2014 new year rates for a very limited number of clients. If you would like to discuss coaching with me during a free strategy session, click here to schedule a brief 30 minute free introductory chat so we can see if we are a good match for each other.

2) If you have read my blog for awhile you know that there isn’t a Monday that goes by that doesn’t have my Monday Motivation career links.  I get a lot of great feedback on them (and a BIG THANKS to my assistant, Lor, who helps me find awesome links!) but I just have this feeling like it’s time to change. Out with the old, in with the new.  I need to create space so that other blog posts and articles can be written on this blog. I am ALWAYS posting links to great articles on Twitter and Facebook so make sure you follow me there to get the latest motivation everyday.

3) There will also be changes to the Get Ahead Club in 2014 that I can’t announce yet. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join us for some fabulous interviews with some of my all-time favorite career authors in January and February.  Umm…Gail Evans and Dr. Lois Frankel!  Someone pinch me!  You can learn more about the club here.

4) I have a really big personal thing happening this year but I can’t share yet! I know the suspense is killing you…sorry! :)

What’s Not Changing:

1) My weekly career report delivered to your inbox with free content and tips not on the blog. The content of the newsletters this year will be focused on how to become an effective female leader. If you aren’t a leader yet, I highly encourage you to sign up and read the articles. The best way to become a great leader is to start acting one like now. I believe that you can start leading at any level you are at. I have led a lot of my bosses and clients in the past even though there were much higher than me on the totem pole.  Make sure you sign up for my FREE leadership course and my weekly career report here.

2) Blog posts throughout the week. I am not sure how many days yet….it may not be every weekday like it has in the past. What matters to me this year is quality over quantity.

3) Blog posts from yours truly! Yay!  Since I made the commitment to start saying no, I stopped teaching as a Professor this year.  This clears up more room in my schedule for writing in 2014 which I am really excited about!

Your Homework:

This is new too! At the end of each post, I am going to give you homework this year.  So today’s homework is to make a list of all of the items that you want to say no to.  Then, try to eliminate them from your schedule by delegating them or just letting them go if they aren’t necessary anymore.  When I did this, I realized that there were a lot of things I thought I HAD to do but I really didn’t have to.  Another way you can do this is to make a long list of everything you hate doing during your day. Then figure out how you can take them off your plate. This way you can clear time for the things in your life that you really enjoy doing AND that you are good at! This is the secret to your success in 2014.

What can you eliminate? What’s on your “no” list?

Monday Motivation: Your Weekly Career Links

Monday Motivation: Your Weekly Career Links

Today I am clearing out my final 2013 emails and to-do’s today so I can have a fresh start for 2014. I am also preparing a special blog post for tomorrow that looks back at 2013 and looks forward to all of my goals and plans for 2014.  Have I mentioned yet how much I love this time of year and the chance to have a FRESH START on January 1st!

Here are your weekly career links to start your week off right:

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

The Top 10 Classy Career Girl Posts of 2013

The Top 10 Classy Career Girl Posts of 2013

Let the countdown to 2014 begin! Here are the most read posts on Classy Career Girl in 2013!

1. 15 Reasons I Am Proud to be an Introvert –  As an introvert, I have sometimes felt like I don’t fit in.  People often think I am shy and I don’t like to talk. I now love being an introvert and this post tells you why.  Be proud introverts!

2. The Top 10 Networking and Informational Interview Questions – Here are the answers to the questions I get over and over again about networking and informational interviews.  Don’t miss it!

3. How to Create a Vision Board – Step-by-step instructions on how to do this.  Perfect project for the new year!

4. 4 Salary Negotiation Tips to Get What the Job is Worth – Don’t miss these tips to get what you are worth at your next salary negotiation!

5. How and Why You Need to Make a Career Portfolio – A career portfolio is basically a support document that is used to support what your resume claims. Learn why you need to make one today!

6. 27 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile  – You can spend hours interacting in the LinkedIn discussion groups and connecting with your friends and co-workers but if you don’t have an awesome profile, all your efforts are wasted.  Here are 27 easy ways to update your LinkedIn profile today.

7. Why I Started My Blog – This year I celebrated my three year blogging anniversary and in this post I share with you the answers to the most commonly asked questions I receive about my blog.

8. 10 Things I Do Everyday to Help Me Be Successful – I haven’t always done these 10 things but as I have become more productive and successful in my life and career, these 10 things are so important to me now!

9. The Networking Challenge is Back + Update from Anna – This was an honest look at my life, business, career and relationships.

10. 15 Ways I Paid off $80,000 of Debt in 18 months (90 comments!) – This post I actually wrote in 2012 but it continues to be one of my most read posts in 2013. I am glad it has helped so many people and I hope it helps you too if you want to get out of debt in 2014!

What a great year of writing!  Can’t wait to see what my fingers type in 2014!

Monday Motivation: Your Weekly Career Links

Monday Motivation: Your Weekly Career Links

Happy Monday!

Here are your weekly career links to start your week off right:

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. ” – James M. Barrie