Anything can happen in 90 days.

Anything can happen in 90 days.

Today’s career tip: Set your goals and action items for the next 90 days.

It’s almost time for the new year so I want to let you in on a little secret. Don’t just set New Year’s Goals…set 90 day goals! If you are like me, goals for an entire year can get really overwhelming. They are often so big and scary that I forget to take action on them. Then, they just get lost in the hustle and bustle of everything else happening in my life.

Until I started implementing 90 day plans. I love 90 days because 90 days is long enough to make big things happen but still short enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Both of my signature group coaching courses are broken into 90 day increments. I did this after working with so many clients and seeing BIG lightbulbs and awesome things all coming together at the 90 day mark.

So this year, make sure you make your 90 day plan to accomplish your goals. I recommend breaking your actions into into 30 day, 60 day and 90 day milestones. Make it happen. I think you will see that small actions can lead to BIG RESULTS. This is your year!

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Self-education will make you a fortune.

Self-education will make you a fortune.

Today’s career tip: Invest in educating yourself. Self-education is where it’s at!

I did the formal education routine. Got my MBA and a great job.  But, when it came time to start my own online business, I did most of the educating myself. It’s funny because I talk to a lot of women who have their eye on business school or grad school because they feel like they should. But, when I ask them what they want to do after grad school…they have no idea.

It was the same with me!  I had my eye on the top business schools and acing that darn GMAT. But, I had no idea what I was going to do after business school. Silly me!

What is now making me a fortune is my own knowledge from reading a book almost every week for the last 5 years.  I created my own start-up school and I recommend you do too!

Your homework: Write down what education you want to get in 2015. What skills and knowledge are you lacking in? Then, make a list of the courses you can take, the books you can read or online articles that you can learn from. Create your 2015 learning list so you are never without a good book to read on your nightstand!

Note from Anna: If you want to educate yourself about how to ditch your day job and start your ideal online business, the recording is available from my free training call last night. Click here to register.

3 questions to prepare for tomorrow’s “Day Job to Dream Biz” live call!

3 questions to prepare for tomorrow’s “Day Job to Dream Biz” live call!

Just one more day until our “Day Job to Dream Biz” live training call on Monday, November 17th at 6pm PST (9pm EST)!

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So let me ask you three quick questions to help you prepare for this epic career and life changing event:

1) Are you currently getting results in your business?

One of my biggest regrets is working far too long on my side business without knowing HOW I was going to make the leap to my dream business FULL-TIME. I felt completely stuck and I hated my day job. I really wanted to be my own boss and actually make an impact in the world. I worked on my blog whenever I had a free second. But, the problem was…my blog never made me one cent. It wasn’t until I actually put together a solid marketing plan and sales funnel with my own coach that I finally started earning more than enough money so I could quit my day job.

On my live training call TOMORROW, November 17th at 6pm PST (9pm EST), I am going to teach you the most important activities you should be doing so that you can get your new business off the ground (and quit your day job) ASAP!

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Before the training, ask yourself this question: What are the tasks I am doing in my business now and what is earning me money?

2) Do you have a solid plan of when you will make the leap from your day job to dream biz?

Not having a solid “FREEDOM” plan will keep you in your day job much longer than you want. That is why one of the first things I do with my clients is put together a strategic “FREEDOM” plan so that they know WHEN they can make the leap and what milestones they need to reach when.

Because trust me…I am all about clarity rather than overwhelm, stress and fatigue!

Before the call, I want you to think about when you want to make the leap into your dream business full-time. And I have a feeling 2015 is your year!! Woohoo!

3) Do you know what your dream business even is?

If you said no, it’s totally OK. You wouldn’t believe how many women I speak with who don’t know what their dream business is either. Maybe you just know you want to be your own boss and have the flexibility to be with your family more. Maybe you want a location independent business so you can work from wherever.  

On my training call tomorrow, I am going to help you deep dive into the business that would TRULY fit you – what you were BORN to do!  I teach a step-by-step system to start your ideal business, not just one that is going to create more “work” and stress you out. I am going to teach you how I have built a location independent business that allows me to watch my daughter meet her milestones (she just started rolling over!:) If you are ready to figure out your ideal business, you definitely want to be on my live training call TOMORROW, November 17th at 6pm PST (9pm EST).

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If you said “Yes, I already know what my dream business is!” it’s now time to start thinking about how to make it a reality so you can work on it full time and love your life.  On the call, I will give you my 5-step “FREEDOM” system to help women ditch their day jobs and transition into profitable, freedom-based online businesses living their ideal lifestyle. It’s time to control your own destiny and I am going to teach you how!

Before the workshop, think more about what your dream business is.  Answer this question: What is your ideal workday?

**That’s it!  I hope you have enjoyed these 3 quick questions to think about over the next day. The answers will be very beneficial during our live training call tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!

P.S. I am not selling a thing on this call. It’s just going to be an hour of great content and some Q&A at the end.  So make sure you join us for an inspirational hour that will get you much closer to your dream business than you ever could have imagined.

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It’s never too early to start planning for 2015.

It’s never too early to start planning for 2015.

Today’s career tip: It’s never too early to start planning for 2015. Start planning now for your best year EVER.

There are still 45 days left of 2014 and this is by far the earliest I have ever created goals for the new year. I am usually the person who puts it all together on January 1st…after my new year’s celebration.

This year is different. I will be going on a three week vacation to Australia in December which has spurred me to start early. I also have a lot of exciting plans for my business in 2015. I want them all flushed out and on paper so when I get back on December 31st, I am ready to hit the ground running in my business.

Someone asked me on Facebook the process I go through to plan the new year. So here you go! Hopefully this provides you with a template to follow as well when you get ready for next year.

Step 1: 2014 Reflection: What went great in 2014 and what didn’t?

Step 2: 2015 Goals: What are my top 3 business goals that I want to focus on in the new year?

Step 3: 2015 Personal: What are the fun vacations, hobbies, events and books I want to read in 2015?

Step 4: 90-Days: What actions do I need to take in the first 90 days of the new year to reach my goals?

Step 5: Vision Board: What does my vision of the year look like? Here’s the article on how to make a vision board.

So carve out some time now to start planning your best year yet!  Bring it on 2015!


Learn from someone who is where you want to be.

Learn from someone who is where you want to be.

Today’s career tip of the day: Contact one person you don’t know and ask for help.

Trying to make your career or business goals happen by yourself can be tough.  The best investment I ever made is when I reached out to a coach who was where I wanted to be someday. My career and business transformed almost overnight when I got the right coaching and mentorship for myself.

My coach made me dream bigger and really made me see all that I was capable of. That is why I highly recommend that you also get the support you need to help you become the woman that you are capable of.

So what are your career goals and who can you reach out to TODAY to ask for help?

contact someone

*NEXT MONDAY*Have you ever thought of ditching Corporate America and starting your own business? Want to work less and make more? Then I am someone who is already where you want to be.

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It’s time to celebrate your accomplishments ladies! (VIDEO)

It’s time to celebrate your accomplishments ladies! (VIDEO)

Career Tip of the Day: Focus On Your Accomplishments.

Career Tip of the Day: Today I want you to focus on your accomplishments, not your mistakes and everything that has gone wrong. Often (as women) we focus so much on what went wrong and our mistakes that we forget to celebrate all of the awesome things we are doing! This is why every morning I write down three success I had the previous day.

Write down today what has gone really well this year. What have your accomplishments been lately?

After you do this, then we can start thinking about what you want to accomplish next year. Yes 2015 is already upon us!

So what have been your big accomplishments in 2014? I want to know! Share in the comments!

Here are a few of mine:

1) Pushing out a baby (no meds..holymoley! Accomplishment of a lifetime actually!)

2) Speaking internationally in Brazil.

3) Publishing a book.

Woohoo! What are yours?

P.S. Just opened! “Create a Career or Business You Love in 2015″ complimentary coaching sessions.  Check it out here!

This is new

This is new

It’s Anna here with my little helper.  

2014-10-30 11.31.36-1

We are coming to you this week from our own house which is a huge relief. You see, last week my husband got sick and we had to vacate the premises. Luckily, we headed to the grandparent’s house nearby and I closed up my business for a few days. I am so grateful now that I can do that. I have structured my life, career and business around my family and my ideal lifestyle which allows me to make changes in case of emergencies like last week. 

Problem is, I get a ton of emails from women who want to quit corporate too but don’t know where to start. Or women who want to start their dream business but they have health benefits so they could never quit. Or moms who have a passion in (insert your passion here) but don’t have any extra cash to survive until their business starts earning them money.

I have heard it all and trust me, I had those same worries too! I had a six-figure salary and the corporate office with a great view. Why give that up to start my own gig?

I will tell you why. 

1) To have freedom and autonomy and work when I want to work

2) To have a purpose in life and live a life of meaning

3) To stop the stress and find a happier work-life balance

It wasn’t easy but I built my business on the side and submitted my resignation letter knowing that everything would be OK. I have now replaced my corporate income and work half as much creating online coaching programs.

Sound like fun? You are in luck because I am peeling back the curtain next Monday evening on a free training call. I will be sharing exactly how I left my corporate job for my dream business and how you can do it too. It’s called “5 Steps to Ditch Your Day Job and Transition Into a Profitable, Freedom-Based Online Business and Live Your Ideal Lifestyle!”

Grab your spot on the free training call now here.

Even if you have never thought about starting your own business, listen in. I might spark something in you that you never knew. :-)

Here’s what I will cover on the free call:

  • How to determine when you should make your exit
  • How much money you need to save and how to make it
  • How to work less and make more by being your own boss
  • A simple system to ditch your day job without the overwhelm and stress

Have a fabulous week everyone!

Anna Runyan (and her little helper)

P.S. Remember to register for my upcoming free training call to learn how you can transition into a business you love in 2015. Click here to sign up.

Don’t let your job take over your life.

Don’t let your job take over your life.

Today’s career tip comes directly from an article I read this morning. Click here to read.

This article could be a wake-up call for you. JohnJerryson, 46, posted on a forum recently about his regrets in his life. He talks about how he’s wasted his life and his ambitions. His job took over his life and he became an awful husband while being a money-making machine.

If we aren’t careful and very aware of the decisions we make in our careers, time can go by real fast. We realize we are still doing the same thing that we were doing last year. Not growing. Not learning. Not changing.  Just stuck.

Be aware. Be conscious. Don’t settle and please don’t let your job take over your life.

Here’s to living a life of no regrets.

Don’t be a people pleaser

Don’t be a people pleaser

It’s time to change things up a bit! Going forward on the blog you will now see bite-sized pieces of daily career inspiration. I know you are busy and I am too with my 5-month old on the move! This means that the long drawn out blog posts just aren’t going to happen these days. PLUS, I think you are actually going to love these little pieces of inspiration to motivate you through the day.  So enjoy!

Today’s “Move Up Monday” Tip: Aim to be respected, not liked by everyone you work with. Don’t be a people pleaser.

Don’t worry so much about if everyone else will like the decisions you make and how you handle certain situations. Let me break it down for you….not everyone will like you. Sorry. I know it’s tough, but they just won’t.  When you are in charge and have to make tough decisions, make the decision that will earn you the most respect.  Don’t worry so much about hurting people’s feelings.

Want more tips to get ahead and move up?  Click here to listen to the free MP3 audio download of my interview with career expert Kate White.


Good things in life are free?

Good things in life are free?


Are you ready for this? I don’t know if you have looked around my site in awhile, but I just added a bunch of brand new FREE goodies that you can download now. I worked so hard to get these done because I wanted to give you some career treats just in time for Halloween.

So I’ve got something for everyone and you don’t even need to dress up in a costume!  We’ve got free products if you want to get hired at your dream job, get ahead in your career or start a business you love.

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