[last chance] Women Leaders Save 50% -Sale Ends TONIGHT!

[last chance] Women Leaders Save 50% -Sale Ends TONIGHT!

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If you are ready to be recognized for the work you do and finally get what you deserve at work, my brand new online course, “Accelerate Your Leadership in 5-Days” is perfect for you.  Myself, along with some amazing career and leadership experts, will give you actionable leadership development steps so you can kickstart your career FAST.

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****IMPORTANT*** I wanted to make sure I clearly answered one frequently asked question that I have been receiving: Do I have to finish it with in the next 5 days? I am busy!”

My answer: No! You can start the course at anytime but now is the only time you can get the 50% discount. Even if you purchase today, you don’t have to finish the course in the next 5 days. You will always have access to the course material forever and ever.

Here’s a look at how this course will help you:

Day 1: Develop Your Female Leadership Potential

On day 1, you will listen to the audio interview or read the Cliff Notes from Sharon Hadary, author of How Women Lead, to learn:

Sharon-hadary, How Women Lead

Sharon Hadary, author of How Women Lead

  • Common strategies of successful women leaders and how to not get get stuck at lower level positions
  • How any professional woman just starting out can be viewed as leadership potential and break into management
  • How to know your leadership strengths and enhance those strengths
  • The best approach to take for asking a woman in leadership to be your mentor
  • How to be a manager when you are worried about how to manage your family life as well
  • What you can do daily to ensure that you develop as a leader

Day 2: Lead by Example

On day 2, you will listen to the audio interview or read the Cliff Notes from Angie Morgan, author of Leading From the Front, to learn:

  • How to be decisive and think fast on your feet as a female leader

    Angie-Morgan, Leading from the Front

    Angie Morgan, author of Leading from the Front

  • The key practices to become a powerful leader
  • How to learn more about yourself as a leader and be comfortable leading
  • The #1 key mindset to have in order to influence and inspire others
  • How to lead your life rather than let your life lead you
  • What you can do at work to get greater results in a male dominated work environment

Click here to learn more about the course and sign up.


Day 3: Expand Your Leadership Presence

On day 3, you will listen to the audio interview or read the Cliff Notes from Ora Shtull, author of The Glass Elevator, to learn:

  • Why leadership presence is so important and how to get it

    Ora-Shtull-The Glass Elevator

    Ora Shtull, author of The Glass Elevator

  • The most common mistakes that hold women back from becoming leaders
  • How to grow your network to open up more future leadership opportunities
  • How to speak up more and grow your presence at work
  • Simple ways to get promoted and thrive in your career


Day 4: Play Like a Man

On day 4, you will listen to the audio interview or read the Cliff Notes from Gail Evans, author of Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman, to learn:

  • What men know about career success that women don’t

    Gail-Evans-Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman

    Gail Evans, author of Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman

  • How to play the game of business to your advantage
  • How to use your feminine qualities at work
  • What women absolutely cannot do at work
  • The rules of working with men and getting ahead
  • How to promote yourself for major career success




Day 5: Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

Lois-Frankel-Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

Lois Frankel, author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

  • The unconscious mistakes that women make in their careers
  • Why being nice at work isn’t sufficient for success and what to do about it
  • The different rules for men and women at work
  • 3 things you  must never do in the office if they want to be a successful female leader
  • Specific strategies and solutions for handling office politics and burnout
  • How to be direct and straightforward and get what you deserve at work

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Soon to Be a Working Mother – Classy Career Girl Baby is Coming Soon

Soon to Be a Working Mother – Classy Career Girl Baby is Coming Soon

If you have been watching my social media posts over the last few months, you know that I am…expecting!  I am feeling so blessed by so many sweet tweets and emails of congratulations from all of you who have been following along my journey for so long. I am also getting a TON of questions and I have been meaning to write this post for a long time to give you all the details.  So today I decided that it’s time to to start writing this post before I actually have this baby.

Here are the most frequently asked questions that I have been receiving from all of you! If you have any further questions, please ask them in the comments below and I will be answering your questions! Also, please share any words of wisdom in the comments below for this soon-to-be-first-time working mom!

Working Mother, Working Mother - 20 weeks pregnant, pregnancy, baby, baby journal, work stress

This was at 20 Weeks Pregnant – Halfway There!

1) Boy or girl? Name?

It’s a GIRL! So excited!  Still making the final name decision…so you will have to stay tuned for that announcement.

2) When are you due?

June, 2014.

3) Are you going to blog on maternity leave?

Heck no!  But, I am writing three months of blog posts NOW so you will have plenty of great posts while I am out! My fabulous assistant, Lor, will be making sure that my business is going strong while I am out! I have a feeling you will never know that my feet are up and I am not working! :)

I will also be taking a few calls from my VIP clients and of course helping my coaching clients in my Female Leadership Academy.

4) Will the blog change?

Less posts, but better posts.

5) Will you be changing your blog to Classy Career Girl Mom?

Haha! This question came from my brother.  No plans to change it but I am really looking forward to adding more blog content about being a working mother and work-life balance (if it exists).

6) What clothing items are you loving while being pregnant?

I bought the best black work pants at H&M  and I would love to share them with you but they aren’t on the H&M website anymore.  I have also loved these jeans (MAMA Skinny Jeans) from H&M that I have been living in for the past 4 months. Oh and I might be guilty of wearing this MAMA Jersey top from H&M everyday as well. Overall, H&M is where I first started getting some staples and I highly recommend heading there first or ordering online if there isn’t one near you.

I have had to invest in some really nice professional maternity dresses for all the speaking engagements I have done over the past few months with my book launch.  I found the best professional dresses at Motherhood Maternity and was actually able to fit into a lot of my non-maternity dresses for the first half of my pregnancy as well.  But now, the options in my closet are slowly shrinking as clothing is getting tighter and tighter. At least getting ready is a lot faster with fewer options in the closet!

P.S. Women tell your husbands that the best compliment they can give a pregnant woman is, “You really don’t look pregnant at all from behind!”  My husband continues to score points with that one!

7) What are your nursery colors?

Light pink, white and gray.  This is my Pinterest nursery photo inspiration at Project Nursery.  But, it sure doesn’t look like that…yet.

8) How is work going while pregnant?

As you know, I still provide part-time consulting to the military and when you work with a bunch of men, you are bound to get some comments that are just flat out rude while pregnant.  I am definitely learning how to handle the rude comments and go with the flow.  One of the men I work with tells me that I am getting a little bigger every time I see him.  And each time I tell him, “Yes, that’s what happens when you are having a baby.”  I know from 8 years of working with these men that they aren’t trying to be rude, they just don’t really know what the right thing to say is.  So I try to brush it off and not get mad.

9) How are you feeling now?

I am 30 weeks now and feeling great! I really have no complaints at all. I am just so blessed to BE pregnant!

During the first trimester, I was teaching two classes at DeVry University while I was feeling like CRAP.  I also had about five speaking events in my first trimester that I somehow pulled off successfully. I am very thankful that time is OVER! Yuck!

10) How did you tell your boss and co-workers? Any regrets?

I actually had a new work opportunity come up when I was only 10 weeks pregnant. I really didn’t feel right about taking it and then telling them a month later that I was pregnant and going to be leaving soon. I also just didn’t feel that it was the right transition for me and my career. So, I said no.  It actually forced me to tell my boss way ahead of the time that I had originally planned to tell her.  I was definitely not planning to tell my boss during first trimester. But, she was very happy for me and totally understanding. Plus, I have a good relationship with her so I knew she could keep it a secret until I was ready to tell all of my clients and co-workers.

Once I felt ready to tell everyone I work with (which I procrastinated until 15 weeks), it went really well.  I was very fortunate that it was December and I could easily bundle up with jackets, scarves and big sweaters, even in San Diego!  I didn’t want to tell anyone in the office environment when everyone was so busy at work. So, I waited until we had an office holiday happy hour and let the news out at the happy hour. This was great because I could make sure that everyone knew and I just went around to everyone individually and said, “Did you hear the good news!” I made sure that I told my clients and bosses first though before a ton of co-workers. I wanted them to hear it from me instead of through the grapevine.

11) Planned or unplanned?

Both.  I have shared a little on the blog before about my struggle to become a mom.  Over the last three years I have had two miscarriages and one failed IVF attempt.  This was an unplanned miracle baby thanks to a lot of prayers. She was just waiting for the right time to enter our lives and it all makes so much sense now.
12) Birth plans?  

Bradley Method.  If you are curious what the heck that is, here is more information. And if you are in San Diego and need an awesome instructor, contact me and I will tell you where to go!

13) Books/magazines I couldn’t live without:

Organized life with baby

Pregnancy Must Read: One Year to an Organized Life With Baby

You know I have to get my systems and processes down ahead of time so I have been faithfully going through the weekly checklist in the book, One Year to an Organized Life With Baby: From Pregnancy to Parenthood, the Week-by-Week Guide to Getting Ready for Baby and Keeping Your Family Organized.

And I also started my monthly subscription to Working Mother magazine with a new dream goal to write an article for the magazine someday soon.

14) What is your childcare plan?

My wonderful mother lives just 10 minutes away so right now that is my #1 babysitting option.  I am lucky that I do work from home so I do have more flexibility in how and when I work.  I am planning to just take it one day at a time and see how things go.

I have already put together a plan for my ideal workday with baby. This is something that I teach my clients to do when they are job searching so I wanted to do it myself too.  If I don’t have a plan for how I want my ideal workday to go, I know that it will just start happening and I will lose control.  I think it’s important to set some boundaries for yourself and make sure you do what makes you happy in your day as much as possible.

15) Advice I have been receiving over and over again:

I have actually received so much advice that I started making a list. Who knows what is right but I wanted to document it to look back at later.

  • There is no balance. Don’t believe it.
  • It goes so fast when you have a baby and you will have plenty of time for yourself when they grow up. The most important thing is being with your kids when they are young.
  • Always cook a home cooked meal.
  • Remember why you are doing what you are doing for work. You have to have passion for your career when you are a working mom or it just isn’t worth it.
  • Have no preconceived notion going into it. Other people’s advice might be nothing like your experience.
  • Sleep when baby sleeps.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Bond with your new baby.
  • Know why you want what you want, the how will come with time.
  • I want her to see me living out loud. You do what it takes.

Classy Career Girl Readers! Please help! What is your best advice for this soon-to-be working mother??  

How to Create a Career Development Action Plan

How to Create a Career Development Action Plan

Here are some tips for creating your future career advancement plan. Often, I see many professional women don’t have a plan in place so I am going to teach you today how to create your future career plan. The best part is that you will be less stressed because you will have direction and you will know where you are headed in the future.

Don’t wait for your company or your boss to help you grow your career as a leader. YOU are the #1 person in charge of your career success.

So many of you are waiting for your boss or your company to help you make that leadership jump or help you develop as a leader. If you wait for them to do it for you, you will be waiting for a long, long time.

1. Record Your Achievements. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not thinking of all the great things you have done in your job.  Don’t be humble! You don’t have to worry about the big humongous goals you complete. You make small achievements on a daily basis. Every day I write down three successes I have had and three things I am grateful for.  Sometimes I don’t think I have done anything but we all have little things like responding to an email or calling someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Make sure you record your achievements on a daily basis.

2. Record Your Key Sources of Influence. Your key sources of influence are your mentors. The people who will help you get to the next level. Your current boss, someone in a different department or someone really high up there that will give you the background info you need to take your career to the next level. You want them on your side. What jobs do you want someday? Go scout out the people who are already in those jobs. Those people need to be your key sources of influence. People within your current company and OUTSIDE of your current company.  You may need to leave your company someday, you never know!

3. Create Your Own Report Card. If someone was going to grade you right now. What grade would they give you? This might require you to get away from the office and think about how you have been doing over the whole year at work. Time to be honest with yourself!

4. Seek Feedback. Get more insight into how you are doing. A team is only as good as its leader. Are there any improvements you can make to help your team and yourself be more successful? I recommend a 360-degree assessment. It’s a process where you receive anonymous feedback from those you work with by creating survey questions. You can use survey monkey, Google docs or ask for feedback in person. This is a great way to break down any communication barriers with your team. Asking in person shouldn’t be your first choice though because your employees may not be completely honest with you.

5. Create Your Goals and Your 90-Day Action Plan. Make your career goals for 6 months, 1 year and 5 years. Think short term and long-term. What I want to teach you is also to create your 90-day plan. 90 days is that sweet spot where you can see results and make big things happen.  Things just start happening after 90 days but you have to be on board from day 1 and know what action you need to take from day 1. Today you can start that 90-day plan and in three months you can make a ton of awesome things happen! Have that long-term vision and break it in to chunks. Keep repeating every 90 days and you will see big results in your career!

Do you have a career development action plan?


Note: This post written in association with Morson - an oil and gas recruitment specialist

What to Do on LinkedIn AFTER You Set Up Your Profile

What to Do on LinkedIn AFTER You Set Up Your Profile

As I continue to speak to so many of you during strategy sessions (reserve your free spot here), one of the things I am learning is how LinkedIn could be utilized by you all SO MUCH MORE!  Many of you are just making sure your LinkedIn profile looks good and that is all you do on the LinkedIn.  Today, you are going to learn how to go above and beyond what most people are doing on LinkedIn and start working your network on LinkedIn instead.

Step 1: Update Your Status 

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to update your status so all of your professional contacts can know what is going on at the same time. Just remember, no talking about what you ate for breakfast or the awesome party you went to last night! Not only can you write your own status but also you can comment on other people’s status.  It’s always a nice touch to say congrats when people get new jobs or new opportunities. Like, comment, read and interact on your LinkedIn homepage.

You can share a news article, share a project you are working on, share what type of opportunity you are looking for, give an update on your job search, ask how you can help, give an update on an event happening that you network might be interested in or let people know what you are studying in school

Step 2: Connect Online with 5 People You Don’t Know.

Time to get busy!  Now this might sound scary because you totally fear rejection. I get it, but you know what? If other people don’t know you and what you are looking for, how are they going to help you get what you want?  It’s time to stop hiding behind your profile because it already looks awesome!  Today I want you to send messages to five people that you don’t know.  

You can find people to message in groups that you join, the connections of your current connections, LinkedIn search, company pages. Or you can even write a status update that you are looking to speak to someone in the “ blank” field and ask for referrals. You can then request an informational interview or ask them how you can help them.

Click here to download my free informational interview guide that gives you an exact template for what to say in the email.

Step 3: Follow Up With 5 People Already In Your LinkedIn Network.

Treat your connections like a garden, grow and nurture them. Build two way relationships. LinkedIn is about helping others first and goodwill will come around to you next. Many people think networking is only about meeting new people. I am a firm believer that you have to take care of the connections that you already have first. Besides, you never know who might know someone in the field you want to get into.

Today you are going to follow-up with you current network  by sending a “get back in touch” message. Explain how you rediscovered the person (you found them on LinkedIn). 2) Find something relevant to talk about by reviewing the other person’s LinkedIn profile 3) Tell them a bit about what you have been up to, suggest a follow-up conversation and offer to help them with anything they need.  Don’t specifically ask for a job. You are just getting back into touch. But, you can mention that you are on the job hunt. You never know where this could lead!  This is a step you want to repeat on an ongoing basis and aim to connect with all of your LinkedIn connections over the course of a year.

Step 4: Follow Companies You Are Interested In,

The company’s section gives you valuable employee and product knowledge about a firm you may be targeting as your potential employer.  You can also figure out who you know is already working at that company and what jobs that company has available.  You should always review the recent updates of the companies before you go into an interview to give you some background information that will be helpful.  Also, you want to watch if new managers come onboard because that could mean potential new job opportunities. A company that you definitely want to check out if you are on the job hunt is Seek4Career.com.

Today’s task is to follow all of the companies that you are interested in working at.  Now, anything that company creates as a status update, it will show up in the feed of your homepage.  This is a great way to stay up to date on what is happening at your target company.  You are allowed to follow up to 100 companies.  Also, check out the section that says “Companies You May Want to Follow” because you might get some good ideas!

Step 5: Participate in Groups.

There is every single type of group you can imagine on LinkedIn. If you don’t see a group you want to join, then why not create one! That is what I did and the Classy Career Girl Network Group on LinkedIn is already almost at 500 members!! (Make sure you join us here too!)

You have an incredible opportunity for finding exactly the right person you want to meet to achieve your goals in LinkedIn groups.  The people you need to find are all waiting for you in groups and you can join up to 50 groups at a time and begin networking. Groups are great to build your online brand. You can answer people’s questions and post articles of interest for group members to read. This establishes you as an expert and it’s a great way to be found on LinkedIn by people who may need your services and wish to hire you.

You can also leave a group at anytime so don’t worry about joining a group you might not be interested in. Nothing is set in stone.  Also, remember to check out the job postings in each group too!

Step 6: Install Apps for networking

In reality, business cards are still the norm in the business world. But, you can find a lot of free app options available to scan your business cards. Use a business card scanner to simply snap a photo of the card and upload the information onto LinkedIn.

If you’re planning on running a networking event, there are event apps that you can use for your attendees to check the event schedule, identify potential sales leads and take advantage of sponsorship.

Here are some other free LinkedIn apps that I find useful:

  • LunchMeet - Allows for meaningful, face-to-face networking wherever you are, whenever you are available.
  • Tripit - Perfect for business travelers. You can keep your flight, hotel, and rental car confirmation emails in one central spot.
  • Cardmunch - Converts a business card to a contact automatically.

Bonus step you must do:

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend working on your profile or networking with people online if you don’t take those relationships offline as well.  Don’t hide behind your LinkedIn profile, get out there and meet people! That is how those opportunities will just start coming to you left and right. And remember to always ask people you meet who else they know that you can connect with.

How have you used LinkedIn to network?

5 Ways to Get What You Deserve During Salary Negotiations

5 Ways to Get What You Deserve During Salary Negotiations

If you dread negotiating your salary, you are not alone.  Negotiating salary is something that most women I work with dreads.  Here are a couple of mistakes that I see professional women make over and over again:

1) “Well…first I will submit my resume and give a great interview. Then, I will prepare for the salary negotiation.”

2) “I will wait until my boss gives me a raise. I trust my company to reward me for what I am worth.

3) “My boss knows how hard I have been working.”

4) “The economy is pretty bad right now so I know that I probably will only get a 1-2% raise.”

If you have ever thought any of these thoughts, you will never get paid what you are worth.  Here are five things you need to understand to get paid what you are worth during salary negotiations:

1)   Understand Benchmarking

Benchmarking helps you understand how your organization compares with similar organizations. It is the process of determining who is the best, who sets the standards, and what that standard is. Your ability to understanding benchmarking is important because you don’t want to be in a company that is never going to pay you what you’re  worth. Understand how employers decide the salary level in your industry and adjust your job search accordingly. There are a variety of benchmarking tools you can find but these include comparing pay rates with the following:

  • Average pay at other companies in the industry
  • Average pay for professionals with your level of experience and education
  • Average pay for professionals in your field in your area of the country

Keep in mind not to expect that you can negotiate for significantly higher pay than the normal even if you are qualified.

2)   Don’t Get Too Excited…Wait for it

You don’t want to send a signal that you only care how much you can get and not giving an impression that you are a good fit for the company’s culture. Therefore, always wait for the employer to make an offer and never be the one to start the discussion about salary. In the same way, if the recruiter brings up money right away, see if you can push or delay the salary discussion until you’ve secured the position and proven yourself valuable to the company.

3)   Negotiate performance

Some companies who want to hire you but have limited resources might give you an excuse like “This is what we can afford right now.” If you really want the job, you can ask if they would be open to discussing a performance based bonus. Talk about the specific, measurable results that would improve your bottom line and increasing you earnings. Getting any incentive pay agreements in writing during the hiring stage is a good strategy so your employer will be committed to follow through.

4)   Don’t talk only cash

Don’t forget that your salary discussion should be about total compensation. Ask about the benefits package the company is offering. Always negotiate for non-cash perks that might bridge the gap between your asking price and the employer’s offer.

5)   Train yourself

One great way is to pick a friend or family member to help you prepare for the salary negotiation through role playing.  Through this, you’ll gain more confidence to talk money with a potential employer without being afraid.  Confidence is EXTREMELY important during this conversation so you want to make sure you are as fully prepared as you can be.

Salary discussions might be awkward and uncomfortable, but realize that counteroffers and negotiations are just another routine process. Do not be ashamed for asking for what you truly deserve. You should be strong, confident and professional. Recruiters expect it and many actually look down on a candidate if they don’t negotiate!

How do you prepare for salary negotiations?

Q&A With Author Anna Runyan

Q&A With Author Anna Runyan

Last month during book launch week I took some time out of my schedule to answer some email questions that I was getting. These answers were put into one of my bonuses, The Book Club Kit, for anyone who purchased my book.  I wanted to share with you the Q&A that I did and if you want to get your hands on my book, The Professional Woman’s Guide to Managing Men, and The Book Club Kit, click here for more details.

PWG - 3d Book 03What made you choose to write this book?

This book topic actually came to me! A publisher emailed me out of the blue one day and thought that I would be a great person to write a book on issues that professional women face. We went back and forth on a ton of potential topics such as giving feedback or work clothes for women but we eventually settled on this one.  At the time, I was not very confident and I was scared to put my ideas and stories out there but I knew this book would stretch me and make me grow. It was actually a topic I knew a ton about but hadn’t written about before on my blog. So it allowed me to write this book from a new perspective and give my readers and fans something that they hadn’t really read before on my blog.

I also knew that working with men is really tough and I made a ton of mistakes while managing men for 8 years at Booz Allen Hamilton. My passion and purpose has always been to share what I know to help other professional women not make the same mistakes I did. That is why I knew that this book would be perfect for me.

What was the hardest part about writing your book?

The topic of the book forced me to get out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t easy. I often worry about what other people will think of me too much and this book forced me to get over that.  I especially had to get past what the men that I work with would think and focus on the big picture, which was that this book starts a discussion that helps professional women.  Once the positive initial reviews started coming in about the book I worked so hard on, then I could finally relax.

It was also hard to go through the whole editing process of writing a book. My editing team did a great job but I am not used to having my writing edited on my blog or writing custom essays.  I write it and I publish it the same day and that is it! What I learned is that I still have a lot of learning to do to make my writing even better. The writing in my book is my best writing ever because it was edited so many times by such wonderful people!

Where do you write? Do you set hours aside for writing or do it whenever the inspiration strikes?

If I don’t write first thing in the morning, the day gets away from me. I find that I am the most creative on the weekend so that is when I try to get my writing done. During the week I have a lot on my plate to complete. If I have a to-do list it is hard to focus on letting myself just sit and write. To write this book, I forced myself to go to Starbucks every Friday to write and that was it. I would also go on coffee and writing dates with my mom where she would write her blog and I would write my book.

Do any other writers inspire you?

Sheryl Sandberg wrote in her book Lean In, “Ask yourself what would you do if I weren’t afraid ? And then go do it. Writing this book is not just me encouraging others to lean in. This is me leaning in. Writing this book is what I would do if I weren’t afraid.”  I couldn’t agree more with this statement. This book was scary and something I was afraid of but Sheryl definitely inspired me with this statement to move forward and not let anything stop me.

Of course many other writers have inspired me. Other writers that inspire me are Jack Canfield, Dan Miller, Steven Covey, Keith Ferrazzi, Rick Warren, Chris Guillebeau, Dave Ramsey and Dale Carnegie.  Yes, these are all men. Women, get out there and start writing!! Of course, many female authors have inspired me such as Sheryl Sandberg, Marianne Williamson, Talane Miedaner, Lisa Sasevich, Erin Doland, Dr. Lois P. Frankel, Gail Evans, Emily Bennington and Kate White.  I am very serious when I say that we need more female authors inspiring others. If you have a book in you, write it now!

I also read the Bible everyday for inspiration as well.  That is always the first thing I do every morning.

Have you ever been in a book club?  What has your book club experience been like?

Yes, here’s my book club experience. My friend and I started one and it was great!  Besides the fact that that I was the only one that would always read the entire book and no one else would finish (or even start reading the book). But, we had a lot of wine, snacks and laughs and I got to catch up with my girlfriends, which was the best part. Even though the other members didn’t finish the books, starting this book club changed my attitude of reading. I used to hate reading and writing and I won’t even tell you how lousy I did on my English SAT score. If my English teacher knew now that I wrote a book and continually write a blog daily, she would laugh in my face and be shocked.  Cliff notes were my friend in high school and analogies and reading comprehension exams were definitely not my friends.   I don’t think I read one book for fun in college.  Only the required textbooks.

Not until the book club did I discover that I love reading! And it was a few years after that when I discovered that I love writing too and I began my blog, ClassyCareerGirl.com. I honestly believe that reading one book a month for the two years of book club made me a great writer now. Now my husband jokes about how much time I spend at the library (and how much my library fees are…. Oops!)

When you aren’t writing or reading, how do you like to spend your free time?

My guilty obsession is watching The Bachelor. Yes, I know it is pitiful. I spend my free time with my husband, friends and my family here in San Diego.  I also love traveling and have a bucket list hanging over my desk reminding me of all of the places that I want to go to in my lifetime.  I try to spend at least one day every weekend completely disconnected from social media and work to let my brain recharge and relax.

Thanks for reading my book!

If you want to get your hands on my book, The Professional Woman’s Guide to Managing Men, and The Book Club Kitclick here for more details.

Your “Get Promoted” Training Course is Tonight + Handout!

Your “Get Promoted” Training Course is Tonight + Handout!

I am so excited for our free training course tonight!!  I can’t wait to walk you through my six-step proven Female Leadership Success formula to help you take your career to the next level!

Here are the last minute details:

Title: ”The Six Keys to Gain Confidence, Get Noticed and Get Promoted”

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 11th at 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST

Make sure you register (click here to register) to receive the dial-in information and the handout so you can print it out and be ready to take notes!

I am going to teach you my PROVEN, Female Leadership Success Formula so you can learn EXACTLY how to get your career on track, find balance, get promoted and become less stressed…FAST. You will learn how to:

  • Respond strategically to demands of your role and competitive pressure
  • Capitalize on your innate leadership strengths to achieve high-impact results with greater ease
  • Build new levels of confidence to take on greater roles and excel as you advance in your career
  • Gain respect working with men
  • Emerge with stress and time management techniques so you can operate at peak performance and clarity
  • Increase your energy and enhance your effectiveness at work and at home
  • Expand your network and establish a career strategy plan

Here’s a sneak peek of what I am going to be sharing:

I spent 8 years working in a male dominated work environment and I learned a lot. Made a lot of mistakes but so much I learned I want to share with you, Its all the stuff that I wish I would have known earlier so I want to make things easier for you.  I also discovered one big mistake that I made is always striving for perfection and in my research for my book and in my experience, I realized that this is something that is very common for women to deal with.

I worked with a team of men and me and one other woman on our team were always so stressed and trying to make sure everything was perfect for our client. We wouldn’t go to social events, we would have lunch at our desks, we worked our BUTTS off with really no on realizing how hard we were working. Meanwhile the guys on our team were having fun and joking around and we didn’t join in with them. But not only that, they were enjoying their work and their careers and this woman and I were hating our jobs and not getting promoted or noticed.

So it all came to a rock bottom when my male boss told me, You don’t have to be perfect. And from that point on, I started to watch the men and made it my own research project to become a more effective female leader.  I ended up gaining confidence, getting noticed AND getting promoted. And there is so much more that I learned that I will be sharing tonight so make sure you register ASAP to reserve your spot!.

Click here to register.

Talk to you tonight!


According to men…what women do that sabotages their success?

According to men…what women do that sabotages their success?

Recently, I attended a Connected Women of Influence networking event that covered one very hot topic.  There were 50 women in the room and 5 men on the panel.  These women all wanted to know the answer to this question from a male’s point of view, “What do women do that sabotages their career success?”

As you can imagine I was taking lots of notes so I could share their answers with all of you!  Here’s what the men had to say:

(Warning…I do not AGREE with all of these statements but this is what the men shared so I didn’t want to leave anything out. Don’t blame me if they said something you did not like!)

Why aren’t more women in senior management?

  • When women are looking for senior positions, they don’t quantify their impact as much as men do. You need to share what you did and how you did it with a dollar value or number.  Your previous successes are how you are going to sell yourself for the senior level position. Push the accomplishments of everything you have done in your career. What did you do and what was the impact? Make sure people know your contributions. Don’t be modest or less competitive.
  • Women often have self-limiting beliefs. They continually say, “What me!?” when getting promoted.
  • Women tend to stay more in female groups. Don’t limit your relationships to only female oriented groups. Join some networking groups with men also.
  • Technical skill. Put on a technical skill hat if that’s what needs to be.
  • Men are happier to delegate. Women managers can be more more controlling and don’t want to give up stuff. Women need to trust more.
  • Merit will get you in the door, what pushes you through the door is trust. When men compete it builds trust. When women compete with each other, they don’t build trust. Always think about how are you earning the trust of the decision maker?
  • Women bring great attention to detail, but don’t forget to fall in love with the big vision and become a storyteller.

If you had a daughter, what would you advise your daughter about working in the professional world?

  • You don’t have to have an overcompensating angry style as a manager just because you are a woman. You don’t have to be harder and tougher than men. You don’t need to get angry and scare the people you manage. You don’t need to put on a body of armor on and go to war.
  • There is a burden on women to present things more tactfully than men have to. Fine tune your communication style but be who you are.
  • Be yourself, the best leaders lead by example.
  • Push when you are negotiating but you don’t need to bring a sledgehammer to the meeting.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Learn through other’s mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. The most important thing is how you learn from the mistakes.
  • You have no boundaries and are just as capable as men are. If I had a daughter I would tell her that she could do anything. I would not close any doors or dictate what direction she should go in.
  • Kill people with your love.
  • Fear is false expectations appearing to be real. Don’t limit yourself.

Does having children hold women back in business?

  • If you want to be a CEO, own that! You can have more than one role such as wife, mom and CEO.
  • It’s looked at but not talked about. It’s not a PC thing to discuss.
  • Have kids right away and don’t space it out. Make it a shorter period of time of your life. (Note from Anna: This one did not get a good reaction from the crowd…or me!!)
  • The world is changing and women’s roles are changing. You need to define what you want and why you want it. The how works out every time. If you want kids and know why you also want to be a CEO, you can do it.

The one thing that all the men agreed on is that the next big economy is the woman economy. It is an emerging economy and the next tier of economic advantage.

What did you think of the men’s comments?  Any you liked or disliked?

The Top 5 Mentoring Questions Answered

The Top 5 Mentoring Questions Answered

Recently I have been asked a lot of questions about mentorship so I wanted to share some of the answers that I have been giving to all of you too!

Here are the answers to the top 5 mentoring questions I always receive:

1) What are the benefits of having a mentor?
A mentor will show you the ropes and help you succeed. You can confide in them and know that they have your back when you are facing a tough situation at work and have no one else to speak to.

2) What should you expect from a mentor-mentee relationship?

Take the focus off of yourself and what you need right now, and help them instead. Ask them what their biggest goals and issues are right now and then work your butt off to help them reach their goals or get rid of any issues they have. There are many ways you can do this. You can help them with research. You can connect people in your network to them. You can write out a sample business plan for them. You can volunteer to take over a project for them at work. If you help them, they will help you. It’s that simple.

And of course you have to remember to help you mentor by initiating the meetings and relationship. So don’t wait for them to call you. If it has been a while, contact them and ask to get together again. If you have a question, feel free to email them.

If you are still scared, just think about how it will actually flatter your mentor when you ask them questions about their life and their success. You aren’t nagging or bugging them. You are telling them how awesome you think they are and how you want to learn from them.  Many people are honored to help share their tips and advice and to talk about their lives.

3) What should you look for in a potential mentor?

Look for someone in the career that you want someday. Someone that you admire and who is honest, authentic and hard working. Know what your values are and find a mentor who has those similar values. You also want to have a mentor that you get a long with so that it is natural. So you have to make sure you have spoken before and that both sides enjoyed the conversation.

4) What’s the best way to approach a potential mentor?

I believe that mentorship has to be natural and not forced. None of the mentors I had did I ever call my “mentors.” But looking back at my professional life, that is exactly what they were. One of my mentors connected me with everyone in her address book and eventually got me my first job. Another mentor taught me all about networking and informational interviews. Another mentor helped guide me through my first job out of college and made sure that I got promoted my first year. There is no way that I would have been as successful as I was at my company without her guidance that first year. If I went up to them today, they would never know how pivotal they were in my life and how much they influenced me. They probably had no idea they were even my mentors. Why? Because it was so natural and it didn’t need the formal mentor relationship where you each sign a document you will meet a certain amount of times per year, etc.

5) What’s been your experience as a mentor/mentee? Any standout lessons to pass on?

When I was in business school, I also joined a formal mentor program. We all signed this form that we would be in the mentorship for a year and would obey the rules. That forced mentor program didn’t go very well. I can’t even tell you what I even got out of it because the person I was matched with just didn’t fit with me. It wasn’t natural, it was forced. (He liked to watch the basketball game that was going on right behind me while I talked. Yeah, that wasn’t going to work for me).

Find someone that you get along with and that you admire. Be picky. It is really important to find someone that is in the position where you want to be someday. Then just try to get to know him or her as much as possible and ask him or her questions. Whatever you do, don’t come out of the blue and say, “Will you be my mentor?” That’s a bad way to start. Why? Because people are busy and if someone asked me that, I would get overwhelmed. How do I help them? What if I don’t work well with them? What even are her goals? Has she even done any research on me? There are so many reasons not to ask that question. Just don’t do it. Instead, make it natural and get to know them as much as possible first.

Have you ever had a mentor? What tips do you have?

Introducing My Book Launch Team & Links Around the Web

Introducing My Book Launch Team & Links Around the Web

This has been such a great book launch month so it’s only fitting that I end the last day of the month introducing you to my book launch team!  I was just looking at a photo of me one month ago signing my very first book and realized how so many things have changed in just a month! I think over this past month I have signed over 100 books and now my work is officially in the hands of thousands of people. Very rewarding, that’s for sure!

So before I say good-bye to this book launch month, I wanted to introduce you to my absolutely amazing book launch team.  These women helped me get the word out about my book and helped my book make it to #36 on Amazon’s Women & Business category! We had over 50 amazing women on the book launch team and some of them you get to meet today! If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Professional Woman’s Guide, click here to buy it on Amazon today! If you have read my book, I would also REALLY appreciate an Amazon review. Thank you ahead of time!

Thanks again ladies! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Drena Campbell

Drena Campbell

I am Vice President of a manufacturing company that is male dominant. I am the only female within the company managing all day to day operations. I am also a Mom of 3, a blogger, writer, and editor.


Contact Info:

Email: dcamp5@yahoo.com
LinkedIn: Drena Campbell
Blog: campbelldrena.blogspot.com

BLT-Patti Webb

Patti Webb

Based in Atlanta, GA, Patti bases her leadership skills from 8 years of coaching high school, collegiate and master’s rowing. She is currently a Marketing Manager for an independent book publisher, and is President of her high school Alumni Association.


Contact Info:

Twitter: @CoxswainPatti
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/pattiwebb
Blog: www.icoxswain.blogspot.com

BLT-Catherine Stetler

Catherine Stetler

Young professional in Central Pennsylvania, Catherine has a Masters in Public Administration and works for the local government.



BLT-Savvy Working GalSavvy

She is a CPA with over twenty-five years of accounting experience working in private industry. She is also the creator and writer of Savvy Working Gal http://savvyworkinggal.blogspot.com a website that provides advice and tips on career and finance issues.


Contact Info:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Savvy-Working-Gal/425705514169613
Twitter: @savvyworkinggal





BLT-Marisa DonegonMarisa Donegon

I am a supply chain professional who loves learning about career and personal growth. I am starting my Masters in Operations and Project Management, and currently work as a Material Planner for a manufacturing company.



Contact Info:

Facebook: Marisa Donegon
Twitter: @marisajf531
LinkedIn: Marisa Donegon
Gmail: Marisa.Donegon@gmail.com

Katie RobinsonKatie Robinson

Katie coordinates and collaborates with creative minds to turn multiple ideas into one creation. Currently she works as the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Production Management at Sesame Workshop and runs an advice blog called Ask the Young Professional where she gives advice to succeed in and outside of work as a savvy twenty something.

Contact Info:

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/katieelizabethrobinson
Email: Asktheyoungprofessional@gmail.com
Blog: www.asktheyoungprofessional.com
Twitter: @kter218, @AsktheYoPro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AskTheYoungProfessional

Alexis LaReeAlexis LaRee

Alexis LaRee is a Career Consultant and Career Development Facilitator with a passion for guiding Millennial women through career success. In 2013, Alexis established Alexis LaRee Career Consulting where she offers women a combination of career and lifestyle services by guiding them through resume writing, career satisfaction indication, interviewing techniques, navigating the office, taking care of the self, and more.

Contact Info:

Email: alexislareeconsulting@gmail.com
Twitter: @alexlaree
Blog: http://careergirlnetwork.com/author/alexislaree/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexislareeconsulting

Lisa Wisniewski

I am a Doctoral student in Educational Leadership at the University of Hartford. I am active in the Polish-American community and ran an international conference in 2013 for students and young professionals.

Contact Info:
Facebook: Lisa Wisniewski
LinkedIn: Lisa Wisniewski
Twitter: @Lisus85

BLT-Adelaida Diaz

Adelaida Diaz

Adelaida Diaz is a Program Assistant for a University with 8 years of experience in the Education field. Adelaida has a degree in Business Administration. Adelaida is also a member of Delaware Valley Translators Association, the Women’s Professional Network and Member of the National Language Service Corps.

Contact Info:

LinkedIn: Adelaida Diaz
Twitter: @MsAdelaidaDiaz

BLT-Amanda JP EsquivelAmanda J.P. Esquivel

Amanda J.P. Esquivel is a Project Manager at Global Defense, Inc., where she works with a wide array of stakeholders to integrate complex information systems. She has a passion for strategically solving business problems and discovering efficiencies by deriving insights from analytical information. Amanda is a member of the Board of Advisors of Interra Energy, LLC, a local development-stage company. She has 12 years of broad functional experience that includes Strategy Formulation & Analytical Decision Making, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Project Management, Business Process Engineering, and Consulting. Amanda enjoys mentoring and advising professionals and entrepreneurs. Amanda earned a B.S. in Global Business Management from CSU San Marcos and an MBA from Rady School of Management in 2011, and is an active member of the Rady Alumni Board.


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It’s been a busy, fun month that’s for sure.  I am looking forward to a little bit of rest but of course I have plenty of new surprises in store for you next month too! Thanks again for all your support and encouragement this month! I couldn’t have done it without you.  Like I said in the acknowledgments in the book:

“Thank you to everyone who has ever read my blog. I hope that I have inspired you and thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. Without readers, I wouldn’t be able to write so thank you for reading and pushing me to write this book.”