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About Anna v2Anna Runyan is the founder of ClassyCareerGirl.com, a Dream Career Launchpad For Ambitious Women.  A former Corporate Consultant and MBA grad, she now helps women get unstuck, ditch their current jobs and transition into their dream careers or businesses in 90 days or less. She provides career and business coaching to over 25,000 women on her blog and her social media channels. This successful entrepreneurial mother and wife is best known for her two signature best-selling programs: “The Love Your Career Formula” and “The Corporate Rescue Plan” with clients enrolled from all over the world.

During the last 5 years, Anna and her website have received the honor of being:

  • Invited to speak internationally to 800 women at The Global Leadership Forum in Curitiba, Brazil

  • Named by Forbes as one of the Top 100 Career Sites of 2013 and One of the 35 Most Influential Career Sites of 2014

  • A winner of the Top 5 Blogs for Young Professionals by Levo League

  • Included as one of the 15 Career Experts To Add To Your Twitter Feed Now by The Daily Muse

  • Featured guest career expert on Fox 5 News, San Diego 6 News, ESPN 1700AM and People Stylewatch magazine

  • Ranked #36 on Amazon for Women & Business for her best selling book, The Professional Woman’s Guide to Managing Men

  • Certified Adjunct Instructor for “Take 5” To Navigate Your Career online course at Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Professor consistently evaluated with high approval rates by students at DeVry University

  • Awarded “Performance Recognition Award” for managing a client delivery team and a $75M annual navy budget while at top consulting company, Booz Allen Hamilton.

  • Featured “Elevate Spotlight Member” highlighting the rapid growth of ClassyCareerGirl.com over the last year in Ali Brown’s coaching program

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“I hate my job…”

anna_about_hate_my_jobIn the past, Anna used to live a double life – working a day job she hated and then coming home to be a “job applicant” after work and on weekends. She was totally stuck and didn’t know how to get out.  She didn’t even care what jobs she applied to, all she knew is that she needed to get out!  It took years for her to finally figure out that applying to jobs online didn’t work because she needed to understand herself better first.  And as soon as she did that, that dream job just starting popping up left and right.  Eventually, she didn’t even have to apply for jobs because those jobs would just come to her.

It took me a long time to figure out but I realized the simple tool of learning more about myself through networking and self-assessment. Knowing myself better has helped me nail interviews so much better than before when I was shy, introverted and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.”

Anna started her blog, Classycareergirl.com, to document what she was learning during business school at The Rady School of Management at University of California, San Diego and at her full-time job. (She’s still not quite sure how she managed an MBA, a full-time job and a growing blog….but somehow she did!) She quickly found that what she was learning was helping other professionals as well. After just a few months, Classycareergirl.com was named one of the top 50 up and coming HR blogs for career development and Anna quickly discovered her “passion project.”

From Stuck to Unstuck

After graduating with her MBA, Anna’s career coaching plans were hatched while working as an Adjunct Professor at her company, Booz Allen Hamilton. She taught employees how to find career satisfaction by identifying their interests, motivations and skills.  While teaching that class, she discovered her own interests were coaching, mentoring and influencing others.  From that day on, she had one career in mind, a career coach and she went for it!

I finally realized that I absolutely loved helping people find and create careers they love and learn how to be satisfied in their work. I could do this all day, everyday and never get sick of it!”

But, she was still stuck in a job she wasn’t happy in.  She would wake up at 5am to work on her career blog, go to her full-time job and then come home at night and work on her blog some more.  She realized that she could work on her blog 24/7 and it would never be considered “work” because she was so passionate about it. Then, in 2012, after paying off more than $80,000 of debt with her husband, Anna made a decision to decrease her hours consulting to part-time so that she could focus on other opportunities that excited and challenged her.  A month after she made her decision, an opportunity to teach as a Professor of Career Development to undergraduate students popped up at DeVry University.  This position was 100% the perfect fit for Anna’s dream career of career coaching.

I realized that once you say no to those things in life that are holding you back, and free up more room and space for awesome things to come your way, doors will start opening.

Hitting Bottom and Bouncing Back…

elevate_photoAlthough happier going in the direction she wanted, more issues continued happening in Anna’s personal life.  Many times she started focusing on other dreams and goals in life only to find major doors being closed. Each time she thought her life was headed in one direction, the closed doors continued to show her that her life was meant for a bigger purpose. Anna’s rock bottom was in a hospital hearing some tough news from a doctor that she was miscarrying her first baby. Anna was so stressed and overwhelmed with her job that the first words out of her mouth were,

I hate my job and I need to quit.

From that day on, she knew she was going to find a way to do what she loved every minute of every day.  Some people make changes when tragedies and unfortunate circumstances happen to them.  Anna wants to share with the world that you need to make the changes before that tragedy happens. You don’t have to wait until the tragedy happens like she did. Anna felt a calling and knew that her voice was needed to help motivate and inspire other women. Finally, she went all in at the beginning of 2013. No turning back now!

From Stuck Cubicle Dweller…to Professor…to Author and Dream Career Launcher….

And then another opportunity happened, a book deal.  Anna was approached by a publisher to complete another life-long goal of hers, writing a best-selling book. The Professional Women’s Guide to Managing Men  was published in Feb-14 and ranked #36 on Amazon in Women & Business. Anna’s book is a step-by-step guidebook for women on how to work with men including examples, step-by-step instructions and details on how to be the best female leader possible. She leans on her eight years of experience as a consultant for the military (managing mostly men!) and is excited for her book to be in your hands!

I firmly believe that once you start on the direction of your passion and if you do something daily on your way to your big goal, doors will start opening and totally amazing things start happening.

Anna’s dream as a child was to be a fashion model and have her photo in a magazine someday. Her smart mother told her that she should want to be known for her brains instead.  On May 2013, she got her wish when her photo was featured in People Stylewatch along with her career fashion advice. A childhood dream come true (and it was for her brains so mom was proud too!:-)

From “The Shy Girl”…To International Speaker

The least likely to ever talk in front of a crowd and known as “The Shy Girl” in high school and college, Anna now speaks on stage to hundreds of professional women around the world.  She was invited to her first big speech at Wake Forest University by a young woman who read her blog and was inspired by Anna’s 4X4 networking challenge story.  Since that day Anna has spoken to and led workshops at over 50 corporations, women’s groups, organizations and universities including the National Association of Professional Women, Purdue University, The National Association of Women Business Owners and Women in Finance.  Anna was also invited to speak internationally to 800 women at a Global Leadership Forum in Curitiba, Brazil in September 2014!!!

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Presentation at the Global Leadership Forum at Estação Business School in Curitiba, Brazil. September 2014

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Anna knew that the only way to reach her career goals and dreams was to surround herself with people who could help her. But, as an introvert, this terrified her. Anna’s signature “4X4 Networking Challenge” helped her get over her networking barriers by meeting with 4 people that she didn’t know every month and 4 people that she did know.  Anna loves sharing her networking challenge story and her positivity and motivational stories are now found on stage for women all over the world who seek her expertise. Anna’s site was picked as one of “Forbes Top 100 Websites For Your Career” and “Forbes Most Influential Career Sites For 2014“. Anna is also a featured guest expert on Fox 5 News San Diego and San Diego 6 News. Her growing blog now receives over 200,000-page views/month and she currently has had more than 100 professional women enrolled in her high-energy coaching programs.

UPDATE: July, 2014: Anna officially quit her part-time job as of July-14 to become a full-time entrepreneur! Woohoo!

anna interviewed

Helping More Women Create Work They Love and Live Their Ideal Lives Than Ever Before as CEO

Anna’s following gained and her expertise grew as she created her signature “90-Day Love Your Career Formula” program and her “90-Day Corporate Rescue Plan” which include consulting services to help women ditch their day jobs and make their career dreams happen in 90 days or less. She has quickly expanded her team and now is a CEO to a four-person rapidly growing company.

UPDATE – January, 2015: Dreams do come true! Anna’s husband, John, quit his day job to become the Chief Operating Officer of Classy Career Girl! Watch out! This power couple is up to some big things this year! You can sometimes find them working hard but usually they are just having dance parties with their daughter, Mila, in their living room. 


Her offerings continued to grow with more demand than ever from other ambitious women all over the world who wanted to know how she successfully runs her business and balances life as a mom, wife and entrepreneur. Anna’s goal is to share everything she knows and to inspire you to take action to create a career and life just like she did.

Classy Career Girl is committed to helping thousands of women transition into careers or businesses they love so they can impact the world. Our company will increase the number of small businesses which indirectly creates new jobs. We get women into the right career fit for their personalities, interests and strengths which lowers turnover and increases productivity. We believe that the more women we help find careers they love, the happier and more successful those women will be. We believe that the struggles and issues women are facing around the world such as the gender wage gap and getting more women on boards of companies will change when women are in careers that fit their strengths and doing work in line with the skills they love. We want to play a pivotal role in empowering women around the world and creating new jobs and engaged female employees.

Anna truly believes that investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can make. Her business transformed almost overnight when she got the right coaching and mentorship for herself. She has had the pleasure to be mentored by some amazing coaches such as Ali Brown, Joy Chudacoff, Lisa Sasevich, James Roche, Sue Painter and Amy Porterfield. Now, it’s time for her to help you take your career or business to the next level!

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Client Success Stories:

client_Carolina “Since I started working with Anna, I landed two new clients! The main part that Anna helped me with was building up my self-confidence to start a business on my own. I have been working at my day job for a long time and with her coaching sessions, I realized what I really wanted in the future was to be in charge of my own income. Originally, I was really really confused about how to start my business without losing my day job. I had an actual job so I was scared. But with Anna’s help I now know I have nothing to lose. I feel energized working on my own business and planning the future of my company. “– Carolina Martins
Cristina Amurao “Anna’s coaching helped me manage my time better and focus on what is important. Her templates really helped me track my progress and implement my networking plan. The conversations with Anna helped me realize that anything is possible. Anna, you’ve been a great inspiration to me!”– Cristina Amurao