Where Are All The Female Entrepreneurs?

Where Are All The Female Entrepreneurs?

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Elaine Reilly

Ellie Reilly works for a local startup in Boise, Idaho. When she's not fighting the good fight for small businesses, she likes rock climbing, healthy eating, and reading non-fiction. You can follow her on Twitter @elliemreilly1.

  • Selina

    This post is something everyone should read. I am a big advocate of the need for female entrepreneurs and female empowerment.

    I myself took the initiative not too long ago. I started a blog. Well, this is my business idea, but it is one of many that female can venture into.

    So as Elaine said, be the change you want to see in yourself.

    • Thank you for your comment!! Congrats on making the leap yourself and best of luck!! Please keep us updated!

  • Adrienne McGuire

    My corporate job was killing me. Literally. I started my own female-owned company solely to allow myself the flexibility to focus on my physical health. It has worked wonders for how well I feel, and I now make more money than I did at the office job! Visit me at: http://aprendecoaching.com/.