What Should I Wear To An Interview-Skirt or Pant Suit?

What Should I Wear To An Interview-Skirt or Pant Suit?

Dear Classy Career Girl, I have a big interview next week.  I feel a suit with a skirt as opposed to pants is more appropriate based on the level on the position I’m interviewing for.  My legs are not to the point I would want to go bare legged as I’m Irish and it is winter – need I say more! Should I forgo the skirt and wear a professional pant suit?  Or should I wear a skirted suit with pantyhose.  I am going to pick a cream color, tan or light gray suit as I think light colors look better on me. Thanks for any advice you can give! -Pantyhoser

Dear Pantyhoser,

Thanks for your email and for reading my blog!  My first thought is to wear whatever you are most comfortable in.  For me, that would be pants because I work with a lot of males and I feel like they would be looking at my legs:)  I also would not feel comfortable in nylons because they aren’t comfortable for me. But, if you are comfortable AND confident in them.  Do it!  All that really matters is that you feel that you look professional and great.  If you don’t, you will be worried about what you are wearing instead of rocking the answers to the interview questions.

I found this advice from a blog called Shiny New Resume that I TOTALLY agree with: “The best interview outfit is one that is hardly noticed.” Think about that when you are decided what to wear!


I recently did a post gathering input from Twitter followers about whether or not to wear pantyhose at work that you can find here.  You can find information on that post that some people feel that nylons are outdated, office appropriate or it depends.  You will see that my thoughts are outdated….but I did wear them when I first started out in the professional world because I felt like it made me feel older (and I was extremely young).  But I don’t wear them anymore today….(Disclaimer: I live in San Diego and things tend to be a little more relaxed than other places such as New York and DC.  For your question today, I would probably say that for an interview, it is probably best to go with the pantyhose).  For everyday workwear, I would probably not wear the pantyhose.

Skirt Suit or Pant Suit?

I don’t think that a skirt suit or pant suit can define the level of position that you are interviewing for.  I think this one really depends on the suit. There are some excellent skirt suits that are professional enough to work really well for an interview.  Some skirt suits though are just for fashion and aren’t appropriate for an interview.  So I would be more careful picking out the skirt suit than the pant suit.  You really can’t go wrong with a pantsuit.

What color suit?

A lighter suit may be viewed as less professional.  I am not sure what position you are interviewing for but I would go with light gray.  In my office, tan and cream colors are worn on casual Fridays. It could be totally different where you are interviewing but I don’t think there is anything wrong with dressing more professional than whoever is interviewing you. I once went to an interview in a black suit and everyone else was wearing jeans.  I felt kind of weird but I immediately felt more respected and older because I was wearing a suit.  (This was a good thing because I was interviewing for a manager position to manage people that were basically my same age!)

Hope this helps! Good luck on your interview!

Do you agree with my recommendations?  What is your advice to pantyhoser?

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  1. ClassyCareerGirl! HELP! A friend of mine has been job hunting for several months now, and I just found out she doesn’t have an “interview outfit”. Any advice on some basics for someone on a tight budget?

    We’re going shopping tomorrow, and I’d like to find her some basic, black, closed toed shoes, and maybe a pair of grey slacks. Any quick advice for a top? Collared shirt with a light suit jacket? Thinner blouse with an open sweater? I’m thinking something close to the outfits you posted from the five-days-of-style post earlier last month, especially the outer-most outfits.


    • Hi Lauren-Thanks for your question! Hope I am not too late! Does she already have some pants she could use? If so, I would find a suit jacket that matches her pants. If she has dark pants than she can just find a jacket and top to put under the jacket (or maybe she can borrow a blouse for underneath?) Closed toed shoes are a must! I definitely recommend a collared shirt but you don’t need one. I usually feel more comfortable in a short sleeve blouse with no collar under my suit jackets. And I don’t recommend a sweater for an interview. I would first look at her closet and see what she has. Then, figure out what she needs before she heads to the mall. That way, you will make sure you don’t buy things you don’t need.

      You sound like a great friend and someone who already has it all together! I am sure she will look and do great! :)

      Hope this helps!


      • Hi Anna – A few of us took her shopping, assesed what she had, and expanded on the overall work wardrobe; we got two outfits, plus items that could work as a focal piece in a variety of different combinations. We went with a skirt and suit jacket for the big day! All black, with a white colared shirt under the jacket, and black tights and shoes. We went with the collared shirt to add some color to her edge of her sleeves. She has short hair so we we with some basic hairspray to keep things looking purposefully placed and styled, and a basic studed earring for an accent. See the website link for a quick pic of the big day!

        Thanks for the advice, looking forward to more job hunting tips for first-time job hunters!

        • Hi Lauren-That is awesome!! She looks great! Let me know if you are interested in writing an article about your style advice and what she learned about preparing for her first big interview. I am sure other readers would love to hear about your tips on what to wear:)

  2. Dear Classy Career Girl,

    I have an important job interview scheduled in couple of days; and am really confused as to what should I wear. I am 5’5 & have Asian wheatish brown skin tone.

    I have following options … It will be great if you can suggest the best bet for me.

    1) A bottle green dress (knee length) with a sleek light-cocoa brown belt
    2) A blue skirt-suit – This one is reallly neat and all, but at times I feel like an air-hostess in it. Neverthless, I love it. However, I think this one might be tad too bright a colour for an interview.
    3) A black-with-light grey lining skirt suit.
    4) A pastel pink (extremly light pink, on the border for nude-pink) dress (knee cut with sleek brown belt)
    Will really appreciate your opinion :)

  3. Keep in mind though that in the South, pantsuits for women can be deem less formal or not “respectful” enough for interviews. Of course, it will always depend on the job you’re interviewing for but if it is for a large firm, I would always wear a conservative skirted suit that my grandma would approve of.

  4. Lakshana says:

    Hi Anna,

    I have an important interview the following Wednesday for the position of a corporate receptionist. I am 5’8 and like Urvi, I too have an Asian Wheatish skin tone. However I am on the plus size and in a dilemma as to what to wear for my big day. I am very fussy about the fit of my pants for a pant suit as i have broad hips :( and am more comfortable in a skirt suit. will a black skirt suit with a light golden beige blouse underneath along with my tights be appropriate?
    My second issue is that I have long hair. could you please tell me what hairstyle would suit..

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Lakshana-Great question! Let me do some thinking and get right back to you! Congrats on the interview! :)

    • Hi Lakshana,

      Ok, here is my answer:

      Nothing wrong with a skirt suit if that is what you are most comfortable in. You are more confident when you are comfortable and so definitely go with the skirt suit! I think your outfit sounds great! All black and golden beige blouse sounds great to me! What color tights were you thinking?

      As far as hair goes, once again there is no right or wrong answer but you DON’T want it to be distracting whatsoever. If you are going to be brushing it back over and over again, then definitely pull it all back. Here is a link to a blog post I did previously about the same question! It is a popular question1 :)

      Good luck to you! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. And it is great that you are planning so far ahead in advance. You will do so much better because of how prepared you are and will actually be more relaxed the day of the interview. Good for you!!

  5. I am a mature woman who needs to return to work after a 14 year break. Although I had a child later in life (age 37), I continued to work for five years until eventually we did not need the extra salary. During this time “off”, I have been active as a volunteer which most often required only casual clothes (PTO, etc.) or a uniform (Boy Scouts). However, my husband has recently been furloughed from his air freight employer which is going out of business. Since we have 5 more years before he qualifies for Medicare, it is imperative that I find a job with benefits within the next two months as COBRA will eat up our savings at a substantial rate. In addition to ourselves, we are still insuring our son who is only 19. (We have a 529 account for his college.)

    I have been reviewing yours and other articles about dressing appropriately for interviews. I guess I am uncomfortable with the whole interview process as well as the fact that wardrobe requirements have changed quite a bit since I last interviewed – as has my figure. I was a tall, slim, fairly young woman with dark hair and lots of skirt suits the last time I interviewed. Now I am a tall, mature, full-figured woman with highlighted hair (to cover the gray) with a more fun, eclectic wardrobe. Every time I wear a black outfit, I feel like a dumpy, frumpy librarian or a funeral goer. I am looking at a variety jobs for which I am qualified from assistant manager at an upscale clothing boutique to department manager at a craft store to something administrative at a local hospital. Do I need to find a suit, either skirt or pant, or will separates do? Can I wear something a little more colorful than black or navy, my old standbys? Can I get away with pants as I am no longer comfortable in straight skirts with hose? Obviously I need to be on trend for the boutique position where the others might require something more conservative? I assume I need to wear shape wear no matter what so that I look the best I can in whatever interview outfit(s) I settle upon. Correct? Also, for the art/craft store, do I dare wear a colorful shirt I made myself that would show I am in to the arts and crafts or should I stick to the standard outfit? I would appreciate input from you and your readers. I hope that some of them fall into my age and circumstance bracket and might be able to guide me from experience. Thanks!

    • Hi Liz! Thanks so much for your question! Let me do some thinking and get back to you with an answer! Anna

    • Hi Liz, sorry for the delay! Here is my answer!!

      Don’t think you have to be frumpy in black. You can definitely dress up the interview outfit to match your personality and style. Some fun ways for interviews are to wear a bright shirt underneath the shirt jacket in whatever your favorite color is. Or you can wear a regular black suit with white shirt underneath and then dress it up with a big statement necklace that is colored. That should be totally find I would think for wherever you interview. There is nothing wrong with adding a little bit of your personality to your interview outfit as long as it isn’t too provocative or take away from the things that you are saying during the interview. You want them to remember you for how awesome your responses were, not because you had a great interview outfit.

      Do I need to find a suit, either skirt or pant, or will separates do? Separates are totally find. Not everything needs to match. For instance you could have black pants and a red or tan jacket especially if you are interviewing for a more creative job in art like you mentioned. Your pants or skirt and top don’t have to match. You can have fun with it. If it is a more professional environment, you may want to think of trying to find a suit that matches though.

      Can I wear something a little more colorful than black or navy, my old standbys? Yes, please do depending on where you are interviewing. As long as it is a blazer or jacket, I don’t think it really matters too much what color it is for the positions that you mentioned.

      Can I get away with pants as I am no longer comfortable in straight skirts with hose? Definitely!! Whatever you are comfortable in because that is what will make you more confident and do better in the interview. I always wear pants to interview because I want people focused on me not my legs!!

      Obviously I need to be on trend for the boutique position where the others might require something more conservative? I assume I need to wear shape wear no matter what so that I look the best I can in whatever interview outfit(s) I settle upon. Correct? If it makes you feel better about your figure and yourself than where it. Honestly, if you know you look good, you will do better in the interview. When I know I look good in my work outfit, I actually do a better job at work. The two go hand in hand so if it makes you feel better, wear it. If you are going to be uncomfortable the whole time, don’t wear it. You want to be focused on those great responses to those interview questions, not that your shapewear is too tight.

      Also, for the art/craft store, do I dare wear a colorful shirt I made myself that would show I am in to the arts and crafts or should I stick to the standard outfit?
      I would stick to the standard outfit and maybe bring the shirt with you in your bag or bring a photo with you. At the end you are usually asked if there is anything else you want to say and that would be a great place to share it and why you want this job. Because you are so passionate about art and even made this shirt which I would love to show you. Unless the shirt is a blazer or professional collared shirt, I wouldn’t wear it.

      I really hope this helped you!! I wish you the best of luck to you on the job hunt!! Let me know if I can help with anything else!! Good luck!!

  6. Hi Anna,

    I have an important job interview scheduled in couple of days. So yesterday I spent almost whole day in looking for skirts, shirts, jackets.. Is it mandatory to wear jacket ? Because I feel it’s little t0o extra formal to wear a jacket … ( I work in IT industry.)

    I am planning on wearing black skirt , White top (I have both long sleeve shirt and short sleeve or cap sleeve blouse… which one will be better ? ) and instead of jacket , how about wearing a vest. I got this vest (below is the link)

    It looks good on me … But I am not sure is it appropriate for the interview or not ?

    I am 5’7”, and I wear size 6. I am not very thin. and I have Asian fair skin tone.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance !!

    • HI MU, Great question. In my experience, a jacket does set you apart and makes you appear more professional. But, if you are worried that you will be totally out of place in a jacket, you can definitely think twice about it. Do you know the attire of the office you are interviewing in? Someone you could ask by chance? If you don’t know, I would always stray to the side of being careful and go with the jacket. You could always wear a tan jacket and suit instead to not be as formal as black?

      If you wear the jacket, I would wear the short sleeve or cap sleeve blouse since it will be cooler. If no jacket, then I would wear the long sleeve shirt because it is more professional. The vest is cute but I wouldn’t wear it to an interview. You don’t want to come across too fashionable if everyone else is not very fashionable. You can definitely wear it in the future to work but I don’t think it is the best idea for an interview unless you are working in a creative field. Hope this helps!! Remember that whatever you wear, you have to be comfortable and confident in it! That’s the most important thing! You have to feel good because than you will do better at the interview and not be worried about what you are wearing! Good luck!

  7. Hello Anna,
    I am hoping to apply for a graduate position in a Marketing company as a trainee researcher. I struggle with low self-esteem and just generally lack confidence. I know a suit can’t fix all that but hopefully it will be a start. I am 5 foot 8 and slightly darker in skin tone than Naomi Campbell. Could you recommend a suit colour? I sometimes feel like a child wearing her mother’s clothing in a black suit. Also would a trouser or skirt suit be more appropriate for me? Thanks again

    • Hi Olivia, Good luck applying to the marketing position! I hope I am not too late to answer your question! I recently did a post about confidence here, maybe it will help you in your situation? I know a lot of people struggle with confidence and self-esteem but don’t let anyone get you down and don’t stop believing that you can do great things in your career and life!

      So to answer your question. A lot of the color of suit depends on the type of interview. If it is a super formal interview, I would recommend black or black stripes. I also do gray for formal interviews. But if it is more casual, then I would recommend like a tan or brown suit. If you feel like your mother in a black suit, then go with the black stripes or find ways to add your personality to the suit to make it you instead of your mom. For instance, wearing a bright colored shirt underneath or wearing a statement necklace to add to the boring suit. I would imagine a marketing company would be a little more fashion forward so you can express your creativity and style a little more. Hopefully, it isn’t boring where everyone is wearing black suits! You can also mix and match and wear a different color blazer than pants to add to the suit.

      You can definitely wear a trouser or skirt suit. I would definitely look into that and try it on and see what you feel the most comfortable in. If you are going for an interview, make sure you wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in because then you will do better in the interview. Some people feel more comfortable in pants, and others feel more comfortable in skirts. If you want to send over photos, I am happy to tell you what I think as well.

      Here are some other fashion articles that you can read that might help:




      Good luck and thanks for reading!!

  8. Here is another comment from reader Sharon who emailed me a great response!

    “This in response to a blog entry earlier this year . My advice is to listen seriously to others but hang onto your own sense of judgement and comfort. Over 30 years ago I sat in a college auditorium and listened to a male industry representative say that if a woman walked into an interview in pants it was all over. Since the audience was all engineers and only 3-4 of us were female this advice felt personal. We were the early wave of women ALLOWED to get engineering jobs at all. I supposed pants were a feminist statement to some men. I got a formal skirt suit but did most interviews in separates including a more flowing and flattering skirt. At 22 this just felt more age appropriate than the suit which made me feel like I was playing dress up in my parents’ clothes. During my career I felt I defined how a female engineer should dress. But in recent years the interview issue came up again. This time it was women telling me that dresses were absolutely out and women should be wearing pants to interviews(maybe dresses now draw too much attention to a woman being female) Now my no-brainer is to always where black pants for professional events. But I’m getting tired of always looking the same especially since in my present position my picture being posed on different occasions is going to show up on the web for a number of events this year and unlike a man I can’t be caught in the same clothes every time. Google me and you’d think I only had one outfit. Tonight the sales clerk encouraged me to buy the pencil skirt of the suit with my knees showing. She was adamant that I did not look like an old lady trying to look young. I swear I haven’t seen my knees since the 70s but I’m going to search for the right hose to make this work. (and return to classic pumps). My daughters have gotten me to throw out all my old blazers. If I can get this skirt to look good then I might just feel (and talk) younger. Then it will become the right choice.”

  9. I’m 37 and have had quite a lot of experience working in the retail industry. My last 4 jobs before my current one were in retail fashion as a sales associate. I had good flexibility for my work attire in those jobs thankfully and I always opted for an outfit based on pants, usually the long wide leg flared type of dress pants worn in what they call “runway length” which basically means they are supposed to hit the floor and cover most of the shoe with just the toes visible. I do love that look and currently wear it almost daily. However, my current job has an “old school” way of looking at women’s professional work attire. Women are mandated to wear pantyhose with skirts and dresses and heels are preferred. No exceptions. This is one of the reasons I’m a pants-wearer! I must admit that my legs look better in a nice sheer nude or light beige shade of pantyhose; smoother and more even skin tone. It irritates me that the hose are mandatory though. I feel out of place sometimes because most of the other women in the office wear pencil skirts, hose and 4 inch stilettos while I’m in a pantsuit or a blouse and dress pants with more conservative high heels but that’s my comfort zone. Regarding interviews, I prefer a pantsuit and think it’s always appropriate as long as it’s nicely tailored and worn with heels. In the case a skirt is worn, I think pantyhose should be worn for at least the interview. Maybe it’s my southern upbringing or perhaps because of my mom, but I believe pantyhose offer a more professional and feminine look and make legs look nicer plus they can lend a little modesty to a shorter skirt. Just mt 2 cents! Great article and responses!

  10. Am 20 an i dont knw wht i can wear at work some times!!so want some help please..
    thnk you

  11. I have an oral interview in front of a Police board for an Evidence Technician job, what should I wear? I have a black pant suit with a long jacket and was thinking of wearing a white button up blouse underneath with stud earrings and closed toe shoe……HELP :/

  12. I went on my interview and it went well, I made it to the next phase and may I say I looked sharp with my pant suit :)

  13. Hi Anna,
    I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow.Its a less corporate organization. please can i wear a a white shirt and a light grey pant trousers?

    • Hi Yetty, I think white shirt and light grey pant trousers would work as long as it is a less corporate organization. I would recommend erring on the side of too professional though and wearing a blazer just in case. Blazers just really make you stand out and look great so I am a fan:) Good luck to you and let me know how it goes!

  14. Dear Anna,
    I have a job interview on Monday. It’s for a graduate employee at Deloitte. I really don’t know what to wear. I have these options:
    1) Black silk suit from Mango (fitted trousers). I don’t want to wear it witch a white shirt so was thinking of wearing it with a brown silk blouse with golden buttons.
    http://www.hm.com/dk/product/03967?article=03967-B This one in brown. Or should I wear some other color?

    2) A black dress with a thin black belt and a jacket.

    I will wear black pumps with both of the outfits. What do you recommend? My parents are from North India so I’m bit tanned.

    Thank you :)

    • Hi Katja,

      So sorry I am late on your question! I totally missed it, oops! I would definitely wear a suit for Deloitte. I think the black suit sounds the best for the first interview but you could definitely wear the black dress for future interviews or on the job. I hope the interview went well! Let me know!

  15. hi hi!
    i have a job interview this thursday. I’ve been there a few times and noticed that the dress is business casual… for my interview, i want to wear a black (below the knee) pencil skirt, black hose, black pumps, white top and pink blazer… ok, or too much???

    • Hi Seantea! Love that you are going with a blazer! Even if it is business casual, you have to go with the blazer and many people don’t. So this will help you stand out! I am a little worried about the pink color. What type of company are you interviewing for? If it is creative or marketing type company I would say go for it but if it is a very conservative company and you are interviewing for a different position like engineering or marketing, I would say that pink might be too bright. If a man is interviewing you, he might find pink distracting. Also pink can make you appear younger as well. So I would keep that in mind.

      The fact that you are asking if it is too much makes me think that you already know that it might be too much. But great for a second day on the job outift! :)

      Good luck!

  16. Dear Anna,
    I have been job searching for over 3 years and finally have the interview of my dreams. Here’s the problem. My last job was at the post office (think shorts and t-shirts) and I have no business clothes. The job I am interviewing for is a deputy clerks position at a mid-level court. Here’s the other problem. I am 39, short (5’2″), have red hair and am quite round. My moms advice screams 1980, my friends advice screams lady of the night. So I need help. I know I need a heel to balance out the roundness but how big of a heel? And will a skirt make my legs look shorter or will a pants suit do that? Did I mention I am completely hopeless with color? I’ve lived in greens and browns my entire life because well, they compliment my hair so I stuck with it. What I really need is a fairy godmother to whack me on the head with a magic wand and send me on my way. Can you help?

    • Kate,
      Congrats on the interview of your dreams!! That is awesome!

      The heel doesn’t have to be any bigger than an inch or two. It is more important that you are comfortable and that you can actually walk during the interview. No one will probably be looking at your shoes anyways. They will be listening to the great things that are coming out of your mouth! I would recommend a pant suit just because I always feel more comfortable in a pant suit. If you are worried at all about your legs or how a skirt makes you feel, then I would go with the pant suit because then you won’t be worried at all! For color, I would go for gray, black or brown for an interview. If it is a business casual atmosphere, you could get away with a more colorful blazer or blouse. But I would stick with dark color pants. A green blouse with black pants would be fine but I would stay away from green pants:)

      I am no fairy godmother but I sure hope this helps! :) Feel free to send me photos if you want my advice on the outfit! You can email me at anna@classycareergirl.com.

      Also, here are some interviews I did with image consultants and businesswomen about what to wear to work and an interview:


      Most importantly, listen to your gut instead of everyone around you telling you different things. You know what you look best in and most importantly, what you will feel the most comfortable and confident in. Good luck to you and keep me updated!! Anna

  17. I am 32 yrs old and have been to interviws in he past few monhs. And hve not gotten a job yet. But I have an interview this week at a company I would love to work for.I have litte to no money But I have a black pair of dress pants and a grey pair of dress pants and black suit jacket .I also have a white button up shirt. But can you tell me what other kind of shit would go with my pants and jacket except black please and thank you….

  18. I am 5′ 3” and 31 years old. I a small-figured and olive colored skin. I have short blonde/orange hair and wear glasses. I have an to wear business attire for my NYPD process. What do you think is more suitable for this type of environment. It is also winter in NYC. I am not a fashion person neither.

    • Hi Noraida, I would definitely wear a dark colored suit especially in the winter for a business attire interview. Closed toed shoes and a collared shirt underneath. Hope this helps!

  19. Linda Ortiz says:

    Hi, This is the first time I am reading your blog, I have found your information helpful. I am going to an interview next Thursday. I have been working in one company for 17 years. Since than my family and I have decided to relocate to another state. So, technically this will be my first interview in 17 years. I am a bit nervous. I know many things have change when I interviewed for my job 17 years ago. Especially, the whole dress attire. I have a nice black pencil skirt with a white collard blouse and a black blazer. I do have black heels. My question is, I stopped wearing nylons long ago. Should I wear nylons with my outfit to the interview, or could I go without? Thanks so much for any advice you can give me. :D

    • Hi Linda,

      It would be highly recommended to wear pantyhose with your skirt for an interview. It looks more polished and professional. Wear a nude or beige pair of hose. Just don’t wear black pantyhose because that is more suited for an evening look. Your outfit sounds perfect and black pumps are your best choice for shoes. A proper heel height is between 3 and 4 inches with a pointed or round toe.

  20. hi, im 5,4 feet and of brown complextion. i have an interview thursday next with no job experience and its of course my first interview. the job is to work at court and im unconfortable with skirts, can you please suggest me how to dress.

    • A court atmosphere is usually somewhat dressy but a skirt is not required. I don’ think this requires a suit so I would suggest a traditional button-down blouse in white with a nice pair of black flare leg dress pants that are long enough to go to the floor. Dress pumps with closed toes are the best shoe option with heels no higher than 4 inches but no lower than 3 inches. You can wear nylon knee-highs with your pumps to cover exposed skin on your feet. I think minimal jewelry is best and no perfume at all. I would also suggest to have your nails short and unpolished. Keep the look conservative for the interview. Good luck!

    • Thanks for responding Chrissy! Riya-I would always err on the side of overly professional and go with the suit for the first interview. Better to be overly professional than not professional enough. You do not have to wear a skirt, pants are fine. And a blazer, it doesn’t have to match the pants. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions! anna@classycareergirl.com

  21. Hi ClassyCareerGirl! :)

    I need urgent help! I have a job interview tomorrow for a childcare centre and I was wondering if rocking up in a casual formal but stylish top and skirt would be suitable?
    So I was thinking of wearing:
    a sheer yellow (satin) top tucked into a black skirt (just above my knees) and black stockings and black heels (low heels), with a black blazer!

    Please tell me that’s ok, as it is for a childcare, for really a big business firm, and I’m 18 so I do not want to be too formal with a whole suit.

    Thanks alot!!


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  23. Appreciate the advice about pants suits!


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