Office Etiquette: How To Stay On The Good Side Of Your Boss

In times of economic uncertainty, it is wise to focus your energy on being the best that you can be and exceeding your boss’ expectations. Don’t worry, this isn’t about “sucking up”or being false. It’s about doing the best job possible and brainstorming ways that you can add value to your company.  Here are 3 simple tips that will help you improve your professional profile in your boss’ eyes. 

Tip #1: Don’t Forget the Basics: Most people are on their best behavior when they start anew job, but after a few months, it is easyto develop bad habits. This might mean arriving a few minutes late ormaking less effort with your appearance. While behavior like this might seem inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, it can actually be a source of extreme annoyance to colleagues and line managers. Sloppy time keeping or laziness may raise questions about your general level of commitment. Show that you take your job seriously by being conscientious and professional at all times.

Tip #2: Think For Yourself: While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking valid questions to which you genuinely don’t know the answer, it shows a lack of initiative if you constantly ask people things that you could easily find out for yourself. It may be that a quick internet search will provide the information you need or there may be specific company documents you need to check.  Whatever the most appropriate route, you should at least attempt to find an answer before bothering a colleague or your boss. The fact that you’ve tried to work things out for yourself will show you in a positive light and people will be more inclined to give assistance when it’s really needed if you don’t bombard them with pointless requests.

Tip #3: Go Beyond Your Job Description: Your job description should be seen as a list of minimum requirements rather than the final word on your daily activities. There may be times when you’re asked to do something that’s not directly related to your specific role. Try to view these requests as opportunities to stretch yourself and demonstrate your flexibility rather than moaning that it’s not your responsibility. That way you will gain a reputation for being reliable and adaptable, which are highly desirable qualities in an employee.  Why not take things a step further by volunteering for projects outside of your team or department, or finding ways to fill existing gaps? While it is an unfortunate reality that no one is indispensable, some people have a natural ability to blur the edges of their official role until they become an almost integral part of the business.

As you can see, there are ways to enhance your status at work without compromising yourself or coming across as a teacher’s pet. By adopting a few simple habits you can show your boss that you are a consistent and dependable member of the team. 
How do you exceed your boss’ expectations?
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